Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 memories

Here are the memories in 2015:


Life is Good…

‘Happy’ Morning

It is very hard for you to accept being a slavery of whatever you feel is not a free will. But as a Christian, you are applying humble. Meanwhile, you want freedom. You fight for freedom, and for the sake of your belief. Life is good when you read the scriptures every day and the truth will set you free. Applying them will save your life. Read here.


Love and Love is…

Love is needed by people in the world. What will happen to people if there is no love? Read, it’s important.

“Greek” City


Strawberry Festival

I am happy for 2015 was better than in 2013. I’m telling you that, if you are going to any festival like Lilac, Art, etc. the best is to bring friends that accept you what you like, not bringing friends that don’t accept what you like. It’s sad to hear that required to be friend with anyone who isn’t true while sharing the same faith. That’s a sect. Don’t think that I’m wrong. I’m seriously telling you the truth. Wake up and smell the coffee. Let the peace be with surroundings.

Being a Christian

Based on 2 Corinthians 7:1. It tells you to keep your flesh clean. Read here.

My Letter to Selena

My letter to Selena is telling how much we fan miss her.


Remembrance of Jesus Christ

Is it true to take no partake in the remembrance of Jesus Christ? Well, what did Jesus say to the Jews in John 6:52-58.

Like a Nun

It is not fair for not getting experienced in love. Read a lyrical poem here.

Puerto Rican Cucas Cookies

Do you want to try Puerto Rican Cucas cookies? Here is a recipe.


Freedom and Whoever Love Wanted

Read 1 Corinthians chapter 7… it tells you to who you love. Read here.


I’m 31st!

Am I successful? Read a poem here.


What’s Good for Not Celebrating Freedom?

Matthew 8:5-17 is part of the national activity, not neutrality. Read here.

At the Farm

I was working and exhausting at the farm. It was not so easy. But now I don’t live in farm anymore. Relief is great!


August is preparing for September. Read here.

Unplanned Week

Although I had some good times. Read here.


A Little Mistress at SMSD

Enjoy reading a fictitious story here! :D


Friend and Forget topics

Read here.

School Story

Reading is the key in education. Read here.

Work as a Hospitality

Jesus Christ has set a good example for hospitality workers. Read here.

Eat Chocolate

I love to eat chocolate. It’s not sinning for us chocolate lovers to eat chocolate. I enjoyed watching Chocolat. it’s my favorite movie. I love it! <3


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

My first time in United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and finally I was with Anne Frank, my favorite diarist in picture. :D Read here.


Better Preparation

A better read!

French Toast

Like restaurant, it’s best! Read a recipe here.

May 2016 be bringing blessings and a happy counting. :) Yours, Loi

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