Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why Ban Me Celebrate Freedom?

I live in United States of America. I went to school and I studied American history. America was established freedom, British was not. British used the Bible to follow, not the opinions to follow. The Bible is the source of truth, the standard for meaningful life, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the key to true freedom and liberty, and true food for man's soul. The question is, what is a true freedom? Faith in God through the Christ. I firmly believe that. Not the doctrines of men who don't teach what Jesus teach. So the men who basically believe what to believe rather than proof. Right now I'm a slave of whoever believe, teach me which not match the scripture Matthew 23:8-11. Jesus tells us Christians to follow a man who teach what Jesus teach. Currently, I am fighting for my rights to believe.

Notwithstanding, why am I not allowing to celebrate freedom? The reason is neutrality. It is not the standard of God that allows us Christians to enjoy living in a free country. The followings are:

1. U.S. Amendments were not created by Jehovah God. Especially my human rights must be violated and focus on His Governing Body works for Him.

2. I am told to not be part of the world.-John 17:16

3. All political governments are dominated by Satan the Devil and will be destroyed by Jehovah at Armageddon. 

4. The flag is the symbol of worship. So I must not salute it. 

5. Despite the American soldiers go to the war and fight against the country for me, I must be ungrateful with being proud of neutrality.

Hmm, is this the good attitude? Recently I read the Watchtower article called God's Kingdom What Is It? When Will It Come? from January 1, 2008. Also with based on the scriptures, I examined that article, and I read and examined every whole chapter of the Bible. There is nothing wrong with being a part of 4th of July's celebrant. As I picked the word "honor" from that Watchtower article. The word "honor" does not mean you don't involve but get involved. God had established the kingdom and allowed the men to rule the world so that mean we Christians should honor the government, not just being neutralized. Read 2 Samuel 7:12-14. America give me freedom and so I should thank. I don't take advantage of it. Do I want to enjoy living the freedom? Should I say yes? If so, then where is my passion of freedom? Where? None! Due to the concern of seeing me gone from Jehovah God. Wait. Jesus did help the centurion's client based on Matthew 8:5-17. That scripture is part of the national activity. It is not neutrality. So hello, someone needs the spiritual coffee to wake up and hear that truth. It's the truth! What I think is that, the neutrality may not be helpful to the presidential country needs. 

My difficult situation is struggling to gain freedom. It has been a decade to do so. Please pray for me and my situation. Thank you for reading. Regarding yours, Loiriam

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