Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Friend Is/Forget, a Respectful?

Since I have a sleepy mind. This is not the type of life that my “friends” want. Friends come into someone’s life and leave. Most people say that true friends do exist. But the question is, who is a true friend? Obviously God. Because He’s very perfect and do always come into people’s life. So I am not worry about who not to be my friend. Jesus Christ is my friend. He have come to my life after I realized that the cult society is not a friend to me. What is the damn reason? They don’t talk to me that much. So if you think that you are my friend, well you don’t talk to me that much. What is the point of being my friend if not talk to me that much? Friend is there for someone, talking to someone, supporting to someone, and befriending to someone. Friend is not an enemy, not on the same side as enemy. Don’t get me wrong. Because of I’ve got enough with you fucking enemies. I want Peace and Love come to my life. So I am starting to mediation, observing the nature without thought, but mostly is Jesus Christ. He is the beginner of the world. Who say that Jesus is not God? Look at the evidence in scriptures at John 1:1 and 1 Timothy 3:16. Doubt? Or twisting to your own opinion? I follow these scriptures, period. No debate. If you still believe that Jesus is not God, fine. Look at the other scripture Isaiah 9:6. Who is a child, and a son? Jesus, right? No debate. Look, I’ve enough with disagreement and argument. Today is October 1, 2015. Time for Lord Jesus Christ! Be his follower!

It’s dark outside. I don’t feel like going out today. I want to discuss about forget. Doesn’t forget still respect? I don’t think so. But me, I became forgotten. Why? Because of I do not eat a lot of breakfast and healthy meals, lunch and dinner. I’m a lazy cooker. But I simply cook myself because of that is part of life. As a hunger, I eat granola bar or other simple small snacks like peanut before ahead to prepare a meal and cook. People will feel that I don’t respect them when it comes to forget. Oh. I find the meaning of term “forget” contains word “neglect”. It’s very interesting. No wonder people have a right to mad at someone who forget to…As my personal experience at school, I got detention for forgetting about homework, very interesting to me. And you? But what about Alzheimer and dementia? Can you mad at someone who have that kind of disease: memory loss? You can’t do that, not if someone have memory loss. You know that. You are my teacher that I learn a lesson from you. You feel disgrace and mad at me being neglecting doing homework for you. But unless imagine if I have memory loss in your class, what would you react? Think of that! I know forget, being forget is inexcusable. However, be advisable: history is history. Moving on is good to forget. As today you give me homework, and the next day is new study. Smile. I know it’s requirement and this is how school system work. Smile.

Okay, I have to off to go. See ya!



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