Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Job Application for Hospitality

Red long convertible sleeve, roll tabs, buttoned cuffs-Express/Black pant-Rue21/Black/White Diamond shoes-From Panama

Yesterday I went to Career Fair and I applied some jobs. On what position do I applied for? I applied for deli, bakery, and cleaning. I also want to apply for meal preparation and feed people and care, for example, elderly people. Why do I apply it for? Because of I’m wanting to match the beautiful example of Jesus. Jesus had fed more than five thousand people and miracle the sick people because he care. Thus, his beautiful qualities are love, compassion and empathy. These are important for people to need to apply for their daily life. In addition to peace, which beautiful. And if you love people, you do what they need. Like you invite them to come to your house and feed them. But you don’t want to invite the casual people who have no concern about you. You want the peaceful people in the house you live in. That is rather wisely practice for a housekeeper or cared worker who is hired, than acting like not a housekeeper or cared worker to be fired.

If you have a driver’s license and the person need help with driving education, teach her. Don’t tell her that a car is expensive while you are still driving anyway. As if you work as driving educator, it’s your job to teach the learners’ permit how to drive, not you tell them to ask their parents or whoever teach them how to drive when they don’t want to teach. I had a bad experience at driving school in North Tonawanda. My driving educator who is a woman always complain about my driving skills that did not follow her steps. So she decided to refer me to my parents teaching me. Anyway, if you don’t do your job by teaching learners’ permit how to drive, you may be getting fired from your driving school job. And if in for your personal, you may be regretted about your future car if it is collapsed and you need help with learning how to take a bus, someone who take a bus will not teach you. So, in my belief, it is fair.

If someone is not feeling well, you take care of someone which is your job as if you are working as a housekeeper or cared worker.

You have a good effort to work on showing love to people.

Now, after you have done what you have done for the need of people. They are taking turn to do what you need. If they do what you need, the love will remain grow and fond to each other. And that is very important. If there is no hospitality, then people are hateful and neglected. We want peace, not war. We want love, not hate. God loves people mean you love people. So do that and imitate His personality. Same as job you work, by keeping a job, you develop a great work.

I am looking forward to hear from job interview. But, if I don’t hear from it, then I keep motivating until I get a job. :) Yours, Loiriam

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