Thursday, August 27, 2015

Last Week Thursday to Monday Break

Last week was an unplanned week. I can't tell the details of what happened. But I had some good times. Thursday I went to the senior couple's house with my family and their dog was so happy to see us. Such cute! We stayed there for two nights. 

Saturday to Monday noon were some good times at the Raven Family's house. Their dogs were excited to see us. The rabbits and added to recently a new pet is the lost cute turtle with claws. The last time we were there was March of this year. 

Belated Happy National Dog Day from yesterday! :)

Finally I'm back to bake in my family's friend's 
house. It been since getting ready for moving
 to the farmhouse in May of this year.

If there is no homeless in America, then Americans
are working and supporting each other. As well 
as other countries.

My family and I were ahead to home. Within shipped the nine rabbits in our van after purchasing them.

We named all the nine rabbits. 
Rosalie <3
The loving and romantic of <3Bonnie&Clyde<3
Yay Chilly #Swag
KaneyKi-kum #ghool
Serena <3

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