Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Better Strawberry Festival-3/7/15

Yesterday after meeting, I went to Strawberry Festival with my family. Yeah! It was better than the last two years ago. Last year 2014 was no Strawberry Festival for me, but I'm happy yesterday I did. :) My family and I got in the gate of Strawberry Festival for only ten bucks. Not that bad. We were walking around and looking around something we like. I was so exciting to buy the strawberry earrings. You can buy something you like, it's on the website like Etsy or mall or any festival or anywhere you like to buy. Calm me down, ha ha! 

Ooh! I feel funny on my feet from the massaging machine.

So many people were there at Strawberry Festival yesterday. Because of it is so popular. And strawberry is my and everyone's favorite. <3

Farming the lovely strawberries!

I would like to farm the lovely strawberries. But I'm not a farmer or a country girl. I'm a city girl.

See the hen's big hair. 

The hen's egg

Interesting kind of hen

The white rabbit is eating.

Yay! I ate the strawberry shortcake for only $4.00 and I loved it. I will love to make the strawberry shortcake. <3

My father bought a small box of strawberries for $8.00. I will love to make any strawberry recipe like pie, shortcake, etc.

<3 Strawberry <3

My family and I were getting tired due to too exciting crowd, but we had a good time at yesterday Strawberry Festival. :) 

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