Friday, June 5, 2015

What I'm Going to do at 31st?

What I'm going to do at 31st:

The 31st is not old,
I'm young and still get experience 
Hope from my journey of success 
I'm still waiting for reaching my success 
But waiting is boring as hell 
Reaching my success, when will I fulfill it?
The wait, well, is it worth?
I myself am examining it
You see what I'm doing 
Am I worth? 

First of all,
I'm not a dumber
Reach my success, I can do it
See? I can do it!
Doubt? Well, what do you see?
The wait in me?
Well, what I wait for?
I can do it!

For this is what I'm going to do at 31st
So wish me the best

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