Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"A Little Mistress at SMSD"- February 11, 2014

Hello, everyone! 

Are you ready for going back to school? If so, you are exciting to read what I wrote a fictitious story about a little mistress teaches the deaf students at SMSD. Enjoy!

 After a calm English teacher resigned school for her pregnancy reason, she substituted to a little mistress. A little mistress is now a new English teacher at SMSD. She’s so cute. She is working hard to teach her students in English class.

            A little mistress lives in a Sicilian side of Buffalo. She is teaching her students how to write the Standard English. Her father and her aunt were learning English when they were little after they got to Buffalo from Sicily. They still speak Italian and so that a little mistress’ dream came true of teaching English at school. She is practice teaching her father and her aunt English at home and that make her an expert English teacher.

            Her aunt was finding out that a little mistress choose SMSD to teach English over Sts Columba-brigid Montessori. She was not happy with her chosen. Why was she not happy? Because of SMSD is not a place for a little mistress to teach her deaf students English. She thought that English is for hearing only; the hearing can speak and write. Deaf is hand sign which not speak and write standard language. What a discrimination her aunt was! A little mistress sat down with her aunt and explained about the special needs. Deaf can do anything! Deaf can sometimes speak and can write English. Aunt understood that situation and felt apologize to the deaf students.

            Now a little mistress is returning to work at SMSD after she fought a battle her aunt. She enjoys her teaching English job at SMSD. 

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