Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Messy Saturday

Yesterday was my messy Saturday. I left home unpreparedly. At bus stop, I searched my bus pass. But I found none. Yikes! I had to go back home and grab it and the key. God, why that's happened to me? Well, it's happened. When I went back home, I tried to ring the bell because my key was not with me. I rang the bell several times until finally, my roommate returned home from the store. So, I made it in home and I had to accept my lesson of losing one hour waiting for the next bus. I was supposed to leave home at 11:50am. Unfortunately, I did not prepare for the day. And so, I had to wait for the next bus.  

At 1pm, I got on the bus. Rode me to downtown. And transferred me to the second bus for Starbucks. 

In Starbucks, I made the poetic video of myself being a single lady. I had been single for long, long, long time. No good man ever wants me? Did I make him wrong? Well, it's me who I can love myself. But it would be very nice if I can be a selfless love. For a good man who he would have ever love me in my 20's. Now I'm in my 30's thanking my overprotective parents who are free to choose any man in their faith for me. But the good thing is they can let Jehovah to take care of me. God watch over me as I regularly pray any confession I confess to Him. From now on every Saturday I choose to date myself, drinking my favorite drink, and reading my favorite book which I love to have to peace of my mind. I'm glad that I can go in a quiet place.  

RedStar Paris white top-Gift from mom/Red pants-Charlotte Russe/Hot Pink Ties Gray Fila Sneakers-BROOKS

After Starbucks, I went to shop in K-Mart and bought something I need. And then I returned home. Sweet Home Sweet. Mm.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Goals for 2018

Today is Thursday. And I set my goals for 2018. Soon 2017 will be end, and 2018 is on the way. Here are my goals for 2018 with my reasons. 

#1 Prayer 
Prayer is important. Why do I pray? 
Three reasons: 
1) request for help 
2) ask anything according to God's Will 
3) express my gratitude 
Goal: Apply two scriptures, 1 John 5:14 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, set the time before I crawl to bed. 

#2 Holy Bible Reading  
Reading the Holy Bible important. Why do I read the Holy Bible? 
Reason: God’s Word is inspiration as 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Also, to gain salvation.  
Goal: To motivate my Holy Bible reading daily, apply all scriptures, understand the messages of God and share the benefits of what I learn from the Holy Bible with people.

#3 Write a journal 
Writing a journal is great. Why is it important for me to write?  
Reason: Journal is the best way for me to write. So that I can reflect the events. 
Goal: Write what’s on my mind.

#4 Sleep well 
Sleeping well is important. Why? 
Reason: My body need enough energy. 
Goal: Sleep 8 hours, set an alarm, avoid using laptop monitors/cell phone one hour before I go to sleep, and sleep with curtains half-open. 

#5 Physical Activity  
Physical Activity is important. Why do I need it? 
Reason: It helps me to prevent and reduce the risk of some diseases. Also, it helps me to keep my mind healthy.#MentalHealthAwareness 
Goal: Walk for 1 hour every day, workout programs. 
#6 Diet 
Diet is important. Why? 
Reason: My body need energy, have healthy weight, prevent and reduce disease, and have a good mental health. 
Goal: Follow diet plans, no junk food but I can have gluten-free baked goods. 

#7 Explore 
Explore is great! Why?  
Reason: To take an opportunity of going to different places, meet new people, and socialize with people I know. 
Goal: Attend to different events monthly. 
Special goal: Go to Starbucks or any coffee shop on every Saturday.

#8 Have a good budget  
Have a good budget is important. Why do I need to manage my budget well? 
 Reason: Saving money can help me become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency.  Goal: Save whatever left I have in my bank. 

#9 Reading… 
Reading is important. Why do I read? 
Reason: To gain my knowledge, help me build my vocabulary words, and understand the story. 
Goal: Pick a book and read, set my reading time, motivate to read.

#10 Video Diary 
Why do I film myself in video diary? 
Reason: Help me to remember the events, share my experiences with people, and educate them of what I learn from the lessons. 
Goal: Set the time for video diary, express from my heart. 

#11 Keep a planner organized 
Keeping a planner organized is important. Why do I keep a planner? 
Reason: To remember the plan for the day. And not to forget what I forget.  
Goal: Carry the planner book with me and mark the date 

That’s all. Set your goals for 2018! Peach 2018! 😉  I will set some new goals in every month. Are you ready for 2018? Yours, Loiriam