Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Goals for 2018

Today is Thursday. And I set my goals for 2018. Soon 2017 will be end, and 2018 is on the way. Here are my goals for 2018 with my reasons. 

#1 Prayer 
Prayer is important. Why do I pray? 
Three reasons: 
1) request for help 
2) ask anything according to God's Will 
3) express my gratitude 
Goal: Apply two scriptures, 1 John 5:14 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, set the time before I crawl to bed. 

#2 Holy Bible Reading  
Reading the Holy Bible important. Why do I read the Holy Bible? 
Reason: God’s Word is inspiration as 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Also, to gain salvation.  
Goal: To motivate my Holy Bible reading daily, apply all scriptures, understand the messages of God and share the benefits of what I learn from the Holy Bible with people.

#3 Write a journal 
Writing a journal is great. Why is it important for me to write?  
Reason: Journal is the best way for me to write. So that I can reflect the events. 
Goal: Write what’s on my mind.

#4 Sleep well 
Sleeping well is important. Why? 
Reason: My body need enough energy. 
Goal: Sleep 8 hours, set an alarm, avoid using laptop monitors/cell phone one hour before I go to sleep, and sleep with curtains half-open. 

#5 Physical Activity  
Physical Activity is important. Why do I need it? 
Reason: It helps me to prevent and reduce the risk of some diseases. Also, it helps me to keep my mind healthy.#MentalHealthAwareness 
Goal: Walk for 1 hour every day, workout programs. 
#6 Diet 
Diet is important. Why? 
Reason: My body need energy, have healthy weight, prevent and reduce disease, and have a good mental health. 
Goal: Follow diet plans, no junk food but I can have gluten-free baked goods. 

#7 Explore 
Explore is great! Why?  
Reason: To take an opportunity of going to different places, meet new people, and socialize with people I know. 
Goal: Attend to different events monthly. 
Special goal: Go to Starbucks or any coffee shop on every Saturday.

#8 Have a good budget  
Have a good budget is important. Why do I need to manage my budget well? 
 Reason: Saving money can help me become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency.  Goal: Save whatever left I have in my bank. 

#9 Reading… 
Reading is important. Why do I read? 
Reason: To gain my knowledge, help me build my vocabulary words, and understand the story. 
Goal: Pick a book and read, set my reading time, motivate to read.

#10 Video Diary 
Why do I film myself in video diary? 
Reason: Help me to remember the events, share my experiences with people, and educate them of what I learn from the lessons. 
Goal: Set the time for video diary, express from my heart. 

#11 Keep a planner organized 
Keeping a planner organized is important. Why do I keep a planner? 
Reason: To remember the plan for the day. And not to forget what I forget.  
Goal: Carry the planner book with me and mark the date 

That’s all. Set your goals for 2018! Peach 2018! 😉  I will set some new goals in every month. Are you ready for 2018? Yours, Loiriam