Sunday, November 8, 2015

My First Time at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Yesterday I went to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with my family. There are many people at that museum crowded me that I tried to have more time to look around, watch the documentary films and read the detail stories. I’m glad that I could read at pace that I was taught by my former Global Studies teacher, Sr. Melrose at SMSD. Anyway, the story that I got is really sad. It is important to learn more about Holocaust history. The Holocaust history is not just Jews, but Catholic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other who support Jews by comforting them and hiding them away from Nazis. There are some extra things that I never learn in my old school:

-Nazis Propaganda
The Nazis instructed to the German school for using the “racism” terms, which offend Jewish people. Such like manipulating German students to keep them distant from Jewish students.

-“Don’t buy Jews!”
The Nazis had burned all the books of Jewish authors from the bookstore.

Bunk is a wooden barrack. The innocent prisoners had to sleep in the bunk. My God! I can’t live without a comfortable blanket bed. It’s really sad to see how suffering the prisoners had to endure with such cause of injured the body.

-Making weapons for Nazis
Jehovah’s Witnesses are known religion who refused military service and would not allege to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. The Nazis forced Jehovah’s Witnesses to accept making the weapons for them.

Based on making my first time at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum after I watched my favorite deaf Jewish vlogger, Robin (L’Chaim) about her trip experience at that museum. She expresses her feelings that she feel offended by someone who called her dumb Jews" and support Hitler. Wow, how cruel! Robin was at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and she looked around the pictures, watched the film documentaries with CC and read the detail stories for three hours. She also took the pictures to share and she studied the history of how horrible Hitler and the Nazis were to the Jews. They killed more than thousands of Jews in Germany. She felt so much hurt to see how suffering the Jews and Holocaust survivors were! The Holocaust survivors keep in remembrance, which cannot be erased. So sad! Because lo! Adolf Hitler was an evil man ever!

 I left a comment on under Robin’s YouTube channel says, “Hitler murdered my favorite diarist, Anne Frank. :( If Hitler did not come to the world, then Anne Frank is still here today. But man, she couldn’t make it. Anne Frank legacy is alive and still inspired to her readers world. So sad and so sorry to hear that the Jews had to go through with such how evil Hitler and the Nazis were to them.”

 I also saw the other video that Robin explains about Obama is almost like Hitler and Nazism, which is a socialism. She explained that the Americans made mistake of electing Obama and that they have to follow his political view. Recently I watched the news about what wrong with our country, America. The Police Brutality, it looks like the police rule the world and is above the governments, businessmen and religious leaders. Wow! But we Christians do not need to worry about that and the future. We keep faith in God no matter where we are and what our conditions are. We stay strong!

I have more story from my last year visit at Florida Holocaust Museum with my “ex fellowshipped” friends. One man who he is a museum tourist and a true storyteller told me about his experience at Catholic Church, hiding him as a precious baby Jewish boy away from Nazis in January 1945 in Germany. He had finally made by immigrating to here United States of America long time ago. He was lucky allowed to move here America. Unfortunately, others innocent Jewish children were not allowed to move here due to the congressional action was needed to raise the strict immigration quotas. Added to my mother describes “the Jews were suffering and that the reason the American government did not want them to move to United States of America”. See the picture of United Service for New Americans. What is the New American? The New American is the immigrant citizen from other country. “New American” is an interesting term to me, isn’t it? Okay, this is all the sad stories I got, which sadden me. Maybe I will visit United States Holocaust Memorial Museum again for a better future more information than what yesterday situation about too many crowds there.

 Before we leave the museum, I bought the book, the diary for $14.95. The next Anne Frank, perhaps my new favorite diarist is Helga Weiss that I’m going to try. I know Anne Frank is too popular favored diarist, but let try once Helga Weiss is needed to be known by every reader in the world. 

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