Saturday, August 1, 2015

August is Today New Month

Hoy es agosto! <3

Now is you August!
August, be good to me 
Prepare myself to get education daily 
And get ready for the fall
Soon next month September
I was in the school hall
And now I'm home 
But working and learning something new 
August, August, be good to me.

And the Spanish #fourpartpoems for a day |24|

What I want my goal for this month is to gain my strength. What is my strength? To prepare for September. Such like worshiping, finding a job, self-employing my bakery, eating healthy, exercising my flexible fitness, writing my therapeutic diary card, and making some videos. However, my schedule is not easy. Because of I do not live alone. I live with my family means time for chatting and I have to find my own time later. As what my sister believe. She believe that I have plenty time to do my own tasks. Yikes! I do my best when she and my family are not here, then I has an opportunity to do my tasks. 

Okay, I hope this new month is going to be well with you all. Have a good night. Tomorrow is the new day. Yours, Loi

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