Monday, February 23, 2015

View in "Greek" City

Yesterday my family and I went to "Greek" city the last time we went in the end of August for Greek Art & Craft FestivalWe were walking and looking around some nice place and people. At first, I stopped by taking the picture of the Greek restaurant called "Parthenon". I haven't eaten in the Greek restaurant for almost three years. Maybe soon or later I will eat there. 

We walked pass Aquariums. I'm curious about going in, but free to look at. 

Hey, look at who I'm finally to be! I'm Ariel! <3 No, I'm joking, ha ha. I'm always be Loiriam because of that is my name.

To the ship and we saw many hungry pelicans came to the fisherman for fish dinner. So the fisherman was happy to feed the pelicans. :)

I see the beautiful and lovely and sweet white bird in the photo. <3

A man who he in the boat is a fisherman. He is working to collect the fishes for the sea food store. We have my uncle stay for a week visit. He was with us yesterday purchasing the sea food for lunch and dinner. Today lunch was good, I like. My uncle is a good cooker. :)

And the last photo is the straying cute cat came to visit to the classic store. 

We had a nice time to visit to "Greek" city. I like that place. It's nice. :) Yours, Loiriam

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