Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Eating Chocolate Is Not Sinning

Finally, I watched the best favorite movie, Chocolat. I’ve wanting to watch it for a long time and now finally it appear on Netflix. :D Chocolat movie is what I learned. Juliette Binoche played Vianne Rocher is now my new favorite character. Let start to share the story about what I watched in the movie. Vianne Rocher is a single mother and a friendly chocolatier with a positive attitude. She is happy to serve the chocolates to her curious customers.

In the beginning of movie, Vianne Rocher had travelling across Europe with her daughter, Anouk during the wind with both of them wearing the red long dress hood. They arrived to a quiet French village, where there is a strict tradition of Catholic and the village mayor, the Comte de Reynaud played by Alfred Molina. Just as the villagers began to observe the 40 days of Easter Sunday, Vianne asked the landlady if she could rent her home. Yes, she could. Vianne opened a chocolate shop. Reynaud did not please it.

Vianne dressed more colorful vintage clothing than the village women. I love the way she dress in the village. She is perfect fit being a chocolatier. Unlikely the village women, Vianne is an atheist and is not interesting in attending the church. Although she has a good quality. Vianne is more open and a down to earth friendly woman to the village people. The townspeople came to see the chocolate shop and curious about if tasting the chocolate yummy or sinning. Reynaud believed that the chocolate is a sinning taste although he haven’t tried it. Later on at the end of the movie, let’s see what Reynaud would taste.

Armande is a landlady of Vianne. She came to the chocolate shop and expressed out her feeling to Vianne about how unhappy she is with her devoutly pious daughter, Caroline. Caroline refused to let Armande see her grandson, Luc. Why not? Because of Caroline thought that Armande is a bad influential grandmother to Luc. Oh. But what about Luc is happy with his grandma and is happy to taste the delicious sweet chocolate? Caroline does not “care” about how happy Luc is as she have making Luc be unhappy. So Vianne arranged for Luc and his grandma to see each other in the chocolate shop, where they could develop a close bond. Caroline later recognized her mother’s bruised leg, which known that Armande is a diabetic. Despite Armande is a diabetic, she still eat the chocolate as she said, “It’s my life. Let me enjoy what’s left of it. Fill it over.” Vianne concerned about what Caroline told her mother, Armande. Added to Armande asked Vianne, “Is this a chocolaterie, or is it a confessional?” I love her question! I want to quote her question as sharing. Eating chocolate is not sinning. Hey Reynaud, Chocolate is a passion of everyone. And it’s everyone’s favorite. Because chocolate is the best taste ever! If Reynaud is my mayor, who’s care? I cannot live without chocolate. I have a delaying letter to my beloved friend, Amy who she had leukemia and died in 2004. I will share it on the next post of this blog. Anyway, so…oh! Before Armande walked out of chocolate shop, she said to Vianne, “Don’t you dare to pity me!” LOL!

I also like the developed friendship between Vianne and the troubled woman, Josephine, who is a victim of brutal abusing by her violent husband, Serge. After he beat violently to the head of Josephine, she left Serge for good and started a new life with Vianne and Anouk. As she began to passionately work at the chocolate shop and Vianne taught her craft, Josephine became a self-confident, changed life better.

Vianne visited a band of river gypsies camped out on the outskirts of the village. Vianne embraced them, developed a mutual attraction to Roux played by Johnny Depp. Together they held a birthday party for Armande with other village members and gypsies on Roux’s boat. When Caroline came to the bedroom of Luc for checking, she found Luc disappeared to the party, dancing with his grandma. Caroline began to see how strict she had been with Luc and that his grandma’s influence in his life may after all be beneficial. After the party, Josephine and Anouk fell asleep on a boat, while Roux and Vianne made love. Late that night, Serge was setting the fire on boat, where Josephine and Anouk slept. Vianne was anxiety about Anouk’s life. But Josephine and Anouk escape unharmed, whew!

Armande’s death devastated her grandson, Luc and daughter, Caroline. Vianne had to pack her stuff for leaving with Anouk, but Anouk refused. So she broke Vianne’s mother’s urn. They heard people were talking in her kitchen. Josephine had idea of gathering the village people to come to love Vianne and the way she had changed their lives making chocolates for the festival that Vianne had planned on Easter Sunday. Vianne and Anouk stayed.

Caroline finally changed and accepted Vianne, which devastated Reynaud. So he came to break in the chocolate shop and he finally made his attempt to taste chocolate. He love it! And now he think of chocolate as sin no more. Eventually he fell asleep. The next day, Vianne woke him up, and gave him a refreshing drink. And a mutual respect between them is established. Both Easter Sunday sermon and the Chocolate Festival are successfully.

I recommend you to watch this good movie, Chocolat. It’s not sinning for you to taste chocolate. I want to play the role of Vianne Rocher in my real life, as Vianne is making me wanting to be a chocolatier with more colorful vintage fashion. I’d like to be trained as a chocolatier, and this would be a good idea for me to be in my real life at the farm. Too bad, I don’t live in farm anymore nor have I have family’s improving life better. Okay, I’m starting to think positive with showing peace toward my imperfect surroundings. I still on a job hunting. It’s not easy for me. I pray that hopefully things will be different.

Okay, it’s late. Good night, everyone! Yours, Loiriam 

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