Monday, October 5, 2015

My Comment on Reading the Book...

I can read... Plus, I study the vocabulary words after reading. I always love to read the book, magazine, newspaper, Holy Bible and greeting letter. I also can write about what happen in the stories. It’s called “Book Reports”. Some stories are tricking on me as the language is hard for me. I can think and examine the stories, and if I don’t know what the word means, then I can look it up in the dictionary. So, in the home school year, I can read the whole chapter of the book every day. And make the daily Book Report. But, my former governor, George Pataki encourages the kids to learn how to read a reading level and how to write a writing level from preschool to Senior to prepare for the higher education.

My first reason is to read the whole chapter of book a day. That is what I want for building up the vocabulary words. If I read the book and don’t know a word, I can simply using a dictionary by myself as a responsible person instead of asking someone what word mean. I am an adult and mature without assistance. However, if a person want to read a book with me as my helper, I accept.

My second reason is to study all the vocabulary words and get ready for reading test. So I’m studying the vocabulary words every day. And that is a good idea. For example, read a book and if you don’t know what word means, just simply put some words you don’t know on the list of sheet paper. And when you are done with practicing your writing skills on defining the words.

In the conclusion, the total of my two reasons are Reading Level Grade. If I happen again failing the reading, then I keep reading and reading and reading until I get some words.

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