Saturday, December 12, 2015

So Yesterday Had Me Prepared for a Better Today

Well, today is a nice day for me to walk with…and the dogs at the farm park. Before we went ahead to the park, we ate the newest interesting food for breakfast. The name of it is Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Cool. We got recipe of it. If you want to try Cinnamon Roll French Toast, you can view link recipe via YouTube. Trust me, it tastes good. Yummy! 

The photos of walking with the dogs were taken by today below.

My #fourpartpoems of a day |34|

The evergreen tree in like a Fall time.

I had a nice Friday. I watched The Station Agent movie. That movie is about Fin, a quiet, withdrawn, unmarried man with Achondroplasia (related to dwarfism), has a deep love of train trail. He worked for model train hobby shop that his nice friend, Henry owned in Hoboken.

A Friendly Cuban American snack truck man :)
Pray for the food and Joe's father's health recovery.
Cleo shares Fin's interest of train trail.
Friends together walking on the train trail. :)

Friends together watching the home video. :)
Friends together walking to the library 
and borrowing the train book
A young librarian <3
Fin lecturing a train story for Cleo and her class.

Fin learns that the timeless death of Henry was having to close the shop. But, Fin also learns that he receives Henry’s will for moving in a rural property with an abandoned train depot on it. Fin hopes to find himself enjoy his life in solitude. However, the good unexpected thing is Fin befriended by a friendly neighborhood. Joe, a Cuban American man works for his father’s roadside snack truck, and Olivia, an artist trying to cope with the loss of her young son and the separation from her husband, David. And Cleo, a young African American girl who shares Fin’s interest in trains and finally convinces him to lecture her class about them. And Emily, a young librarian who she discovers that she is pregnant by her bad boyfriend. I like that movie. It shows a true companionship for Fin. :) Even though Joe and Olivia are not perfect. The good thing is at the end of the movie, Fin, Olivia and Joe are reconciled with a small talk conversation and sharing the meal together. The Station Agent movie is perfect match the scripture Matthew 5:23, 24 for the friendship. :) Yours, Loiriam

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