Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy Saturday Morning? Life is Good...

Lately, I got up and rushed to the meeting without breakfast. During the meeting, the sound of my stomach is like a lion that hearing people can hear. However, I sat alone as they did not hear my hungry stomach. My effort of the goal for 2015 is to wake up earlier. I will try again waking up earlier for better next week Saturday. Breakfast is a VERY important meal for people. If no breakfast, what will happen? You know that people cannot live without breakfast.

Here is a poetic word for the day: 'Happy' picture below:

I'm a patient and humble for more than ten years even 
though I'm 'happy' and Freedom is still be in my heart.

In meeting, the talk is discussing about how to overcome the death. Eating healthier does not mean to make you live longer. What is the point? The point is, life is good when you read the scriptures everyday and apply them will help you live forever. 

Despite the men work for Jesus Christ, in my heart, I still follow Jesus Christ. It is not easy for me when I face them for what I believe. And, thus, I continue to pray for courage and stand firm for my belief. I have been not good at being a prayer for more than ten years which I got no answer. So I am practice applying Matthew 6:9-13 and some other scriptures explain about pray any situations, not just repetitive pray. Also, recently I read 1 Samuel 1:9-19 about Hannah's prayer. I like her praying example. I should feel inspired by her prayer. Furthermore, I continue to apply 1 Thessalonians 5:17. And hopefully soon, I will receive the answer. Let's see of what will happen next.

Sky blue blouse-Basic Editions/White dress with blue flowers-Grace Elements

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