Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 memories

Here are the memories in 2016:


Happy 2016!-Jan. 1, 2016

Today is a Missing You party
It's friendly and boring
Cos we don't hang out that
much and all of us are not
the same as a language
So this is called language issues

The Casual Night Occasion-Jan. 2, 2016

Tonight was a casual
night occasion for my bro.
The dessert was a flan with
whip cream. An early "Happy
Birthday" to him.

The Rainbow in the Country-Jan. 10, 2016

It's amazing to see
the rainbow in the
The rainbow in the
I was traveling through
Just to see the rainbow
in the country
But soon the rainbow starts
to slightly fade as the clouds is
about to cover it. :(

The Black Pant-Jan. 16, 2016

I went to the mall
And I bought a black pant
The black pant is not small
It's fitting me, great!-:D

The Superdog-Jan. 20, 2016

What does a dog wear?

Dog is a Superdog!-:ShiningD


How You Can See Who I Am-Feb. 8, 2016

Are you seeking in my life? Am I a failed friendship and companionship? What can I say about myself? Read here.

Every Valentine Day-Feb. 15, 2016

I think of you
When you love me
Follow me to the loo
And wait for me to get out
What is your love for me all about?

Continue to read my lyrical poem here.

VA have a hill-Feb. 22, 2016

Story about my weekend trip to VA. Read here.

Georgia Pine Acorn-Feb. 29, 2016

I took a brief walk
And I recognized many Georgia
Pine acorns
They grounded in a free grassy
While I walked, I hand...

I handed in the pocket
Because of it was cold outside
Spring will come within 22 more

I look forward to the beautiful
Spring Day!


Strawberry Shortcake-Mar. 6, 2016

Do you want to make the Strawberry Shortcake? If so, here you go. Check the recipe here.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies-Mar. 17, 2016

I thanked Tasty for showing me the video of Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies. It's quick and easy! Do you want to try it? If so, check out the recipe here.

To Selena-Mar. 31, 2016

I hear you sing
You sing your song
Selena, you belong... your beloved fans
'Cause we miss you
Always miss you so true

Loi xx

Read my letter to Selena here.


Bowling Ball-Apr. 14, 2016

Bowling ball rolls
Oh, that ball rolls...
Waiting to see if it hit to empty
the balls
Look, the bowling ball empty the
I won! Yay!
New scores, no, but...
Gift of the bowling ball entertains
my life, yeah

Selena Live-Apr. 16, 2016

Selena live!
Selena would have turned...


Read my lyrical poem here.

Love Will Find You-Apr. 19, 2016

Do you expect someone will love you and will marry you, and stay with you forever? If so, read here.

Purple Prince-Apr. 21, 2016

Dear Purple Prince,

I can't believe you are
leaving us fans
We are feeling sad, and we cry
about you have to leave us fans
We are going to miss you dearly

Thank you for the music
and for inspiration
Prince, you sang Purple Rain
make my favorite color; Love it <3

A New Plan, A New Life-Apr. 25, 2016

Read here about what I planned and what is my new life.


My Poetic Letter to King Lion-May 1, 2016

Read my letter to King Lion here.

A Townhouse-May 1, 2016

A few days ago I was on
my own
But add to one roommate
Not a soulmate
Well living in a townhouse
That is for only temporary
I'm not going to live there forever, no
I just started a few days ago
As only a residential student

Baseball Game-May 11, 2016

Tonight I went to watch
the baseball game
It's not shame
It's just a pleasure to
watch the baseball game

So I enjoyed watching
the baseball game

Ode to Nyle-May 25, 2016

Ode to Nyle
Nyle dances
Yes, Nyle dances

Read my poem here about Nyle dances. And he and his dancing partner, Peta Jane had won the dancing ball! Yay! Congrats to them! Yeah! -:D <3 <3


32-June 2, 2016

Dear King Lion,

I'm not old,
I'm young and still experience
Hope from grief to grace
I'm still waiting for the grace
To hell waiting for
Am I deserved it?
Oh, no, when will my grace
be fulfilled?
It takes a lot of struggles to

Live Loi xx

My Birthday Cupcake-June 3, 2016

Tonight was a fun
night for my belated birthday.
I went to eat in Friendly's
restaurant with my siblings and

After eating in Friendly's,
we went out to play in
the bowling area. It was
fun and I enjoyed my
birthday night.

Zoo-June 10, 2016

Today I went to the
zoo. And I looked around
the animals. Except lion.
Aw, where was my favorite animal?
I want to see the lion so bad!

Roller Skates-June 21, 2016

I skate,
I skate,
I skate
I fall
I skate
I skate
I skate
I fall
I kept skating
and I fell 2 times

Duck-June 22, 2016

I went to the Baker Park
and I viewed duck...
There are so many ducks
swimming in the dirty
creek at the Baker Park

I enjoyed viewing
Baker Park. <3


Watermelon-July 22, 2016

Today I went to the waterpark
For the cooking-out
I could stand against the bark
Of the tree
But I ate the watermelon
It was fun and a joyful day!


Willy Wonka Gene-Aug. 30, 2016

Dear Willy Wonka Gene,

I did enjoy watching you
play Willy Wonka in Willy
Wonka &  the Chocolate
Factory movie. The children
love the chocolate bar! We
love it, too! We are sad
to hear you have to leave
your fans, your family, and
your friends. We are going to
miss you.

Thank you for making us
laugh about your role in this
comedy movie. We liked it!

<3,  Live Loi


Kingdom Will Come Soon-Sept. 11, 2016

There are so many troubles
in the world
It's a heartbreak every day
The people are insane
And act the bad way

Business, Politic and Religion
are issuing to people today
It's a bad day

WTC, after you heard what
happened to 9-11,
I pray about the kingdom will
come soon

People...need Jesus in their
Look forward to see the kingdom
comes soon

Butterfly-Sept. 19, 2016

When I come to downtown,
I see the butterfly fly around
the floral bush

I study the beauty of butterfly
It has to flourish in the light
And here is the sweet dream, good night

Your dream must come true
So spread your wings and chase
the butterfly
For your dream will be here
Look forward to hear...
Dream is here!

Live Loi xx


Back to Blogging-Oct. 1, 2016

I'm back to blogging. Read here.

Pumpkin Patch-Oct. 12, 2016

Today is Pumpkin Patch
I went to Summer Farms...
Free Pumpkin Patch
I looked around the various
sizes of pumpkins
And I picked only 1 pumpkin
It cost me $7.38

I enjoyed the view of
pumpkins in the farming land

Ode to Sunday-Oct. 16, 2016

<3<3 Ode to Sunday <3<3
<3 Snuggle by warm bed <3
<3 Read the Bible <3
<3 Have a hot tea (or two) <3
<3 Watch an old movie <3
<3 Relax and enjoy Fun-day <3

Sunday Newspaper-Oct. 23, 2016

I finally got a newspaper
I got that because of searching
for a job
And a coupon to save a
lot of money
I also read the news of
what going on my city and
the world

Keeping Diary Card-Oct. 29 & 30, 2016

I'm back to keep diary card. Read here and here.


New Rider of Mega Bus and MARC Train-Nov. 29, 2016

Read my new experience story as a new rider of Mega Bus and MARC Train here.

Tomorrow is 2017! So...see 2017.

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