Saturday, October 29, 2016

Keeping Diary Card

I’m back to keep diary card. Every day I write the Today I felt on my journal. Here is a what I wrote for this month below:

3rd – I got up at 7:51 am. Took a shower. Ate breakfast. And then to day program.

Today I learned about life skills. And I participated the activity of the magazines that I was cutting and pasting my goals…and then I posted them on the wall of the building where I attend for day program.

After day program, I prepared to apply for hotel jobs. My job coach help me with that. Done. And then I went to buy a monthly bus pass. It cost me $30.00. I then go home. These are my life skills. I improved little in my home and day program.

4th – I got up at about 8:30 am. Took a shower. Ate breakfast.

Later this afternoon I went to eat free lunch. That lunch was not bad, but I got full fast. Why? Because of I ate Chocolatey Krispy cereal with milk three times.

After lunch, I go home, and then to Walmart for buying something I need. Done. And then to home. A staff taught me a simple dinner. Cook chicken with mild spicy sauce. Add to rice on plate. It was good. Yummy. Mm.

5th – I got up at about 7:55 am. Took a shower. Ate breakfast. And then to day program.

Today is activity at day program. The activity is pasting five categories: fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, and one thing is I forget. Geez. Anyway, so, that was a good activity.

6th – Today I work on my budget. I always wonder why I am not allowing to save the money. Don’t want to see my future? Well, what I feel is that I'm a middle of nowhere in the world. So sad to afford none. It's true that there are the greedy billing people that demand the customer for good payments. Interesting about yesterday day program, a supervisor said, “I work and I earn money. It does not mean I have money. It means I pay the bills. So, that money goes to the bills, not to me.” That is so like my former landlord of 2009-2010 in Rochester saying, “Money is not for you. It is for people who collect the money and people who need money. These are the reason why I do not believe in saving the money for the future. So, make sure to respectfully empty your pocket.” How inhumane she is! I’m mad at when I still do not have good saving. I have been trying to save lot money since my dream of Paris. But fail! And I try to keep a job but I fail. Sighs. Thing go wrong. I want good things to come. But it’s not yet arriving. Geez.

I walked to the bank and I almost hit by a crazy bitchy driver…The 1st woman’s so reckless drive after me when I tried to walk across the street. She didn’t follow the yellow state law. And with the 2nd woman, she like thinking I don’t pay attention. No! that driver’s so reckless! I wish I have a picture of her license plate. But my phone was dead and was charging. So, she walks free. She’s enjoying free all she wants with concealing reckless behavior as to ensure that there are no police chasing her or surveillance. Smh.

7th – I went to see my new therapist today. I expressed how I feel to her. She’s a good therapist. And I need to say more on what’s my mind. Yeah.

Okay, I’m stopping this blog post right now. I will blog for part two by tomorrow. Have a good night. Yours, Loiriam

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