Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My First Experience Story of a New Rider of Mega Bus and MARC Train

Last week Tuesday, I left home alone for visiting my brother and in-laws. And I stayed with them for a long weekend until last night. It was nice.

Here is my first Mega bus experience after I visited NJ:

My brother dropped me and his brother-in-law off to NYC bus stations. Before dropping us off, the traffic in NYC drove us crazy. I was having to wait. And while I was stuck with traffic, I researched the reason of too much traffic in NYC. It said that the school and work causes too much traffic and the time occupies between 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. I wish 9:00 AM, but that is so NYC. The good thing was my brother finally dropped me off early before attempting to catch the bus at 10:00 AM. And I entered the line of my destination: Washington, DC. However, the problem was missing the bus. And what was the other reason I missed the bus at 10:00 AM? My Lord! The bus that scheduled 10:00 AM that I was supposed to get on. But that bus was parking without showing me where to go. And when that bus was moving, it started to turn on to where to go. It pisses me off. It shows No respect for the deaf customers. One staff who worked for Mega Bus told the customers who were in the line of my destination changed to other line of Philadelphia. I was like, WTF? It confused me! Would I have to go to Philadelphia? No, I only go to Washington, DC, period. Oh! I got that! The bus moves with turning on to where to go, and so I missed the bus at 10:00 AM. Lucky that the hearing customers could hear and understood where to go. Mine was NONE! Wow! How rude is that! No respect for it deaf customers. Mega Bus shouldn’t treat it deaf customers that way. Now time for educating Mega Bus about the Deaf Culture. Teach Mega Bus how to think of it deaf customers, not just hearing customers. And show us deaf customers of where it fucking respect. Mega Bus must treat us deaf customers nicely. Not to show us in the mean way. Now that I lost one hour and I had to wait for the next bus at 11:00 AM. Smh. Thanks God that I don’t have to pay extra for missing the bus. They allowed me to enter the next bus. Whew!

At 11:00 AM, I got on Mega Bus, rode me straight to Washington, DC but stopped by Newark, Delaware to drop off the students to university and then to Washington, DC. While I was on that bus, I enjoyed viewing the nature. It was nice.

Off to Washington Union Station, I was a little inexperienced about how to use MARC Train to my home. The good thing was I know how to ask assistance. What’s assistance? The simple answer is Information Center. It’s not that hard to ask. Perfect! I got on MARC Train. I was happy about MARC Train is thinking of it deaf customers compare to Mega Bus that does not think of it deaf customers. Whew! I’m so glad that whoever understand the Deaf Culture. Good job, MARC Train!

Finally, I got home at 7:00 PM!

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