Monday, February 22, 2016

My Recent Weekend Briefest Trip to VA

Recently weekend, I traveled to Staunton, VA at about 6pm. Really, at first I left home with my sibling at about 4pm. We traveled together for two hours. Not that bad. Staunton have a hill. So I walked with my sibling, their friends and the dogs. And I walked down carefully. I did not want to fall down, because of I need to walk down carefully. Here are some pictures of that recent briefest trip below:

I walked in a nice ice cream shop with my siblings and their friends. The name of that shop is The Split Banana Co. I got vanilla with Oreo cookies ice cream. It tasted yummy. Oh! I was choked at it because of I devoured it quickly. I need to do my mindfulness skills by sensing the taste instead of overeating. So that I can stay relax and enjoy my ice cream. 

Like 1960's sitting site in a nice ice cream shop

We traveled to the historic downtown and viewed around. Then we walked some around that area during the lightest rainy day. 
Visulite Cinema

 After my recent briefest trip to Staunton, I was traveled back home with siblings. While on the way to home, I noticed the water tank decorated the picture of apples. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Now I’m home and get some rest. But, I’m going to need to see my therapist tonight. Hope you had a good weekend and a nice Monday. Yours, Loi 

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