Sunday, October 30, 2016

Keep Diary Card-Part 2

Tonight, I’m writing blog for part two. So here is a what I wrote for October below:

8th – Today is rainy. And I don’t go out that much. But finally, I watched the movie “Titanic” again! I haven’t watching that in ages!

9th – Today I feel little bit disappointment about not to go to Pumpkin Patch. I have no idea why I can’t go. Smh. well, I plan B is to watch the movie and my favorite TV shows.

11th - I got up real late. Before waking up real late actually, a staff woke me up for taking medicine. What? I wonder how he got in my bedroom when I locked the door? Did I lock it? Or did I not? I can’t remember last night. So funny! Anyway, so, I did not expect him was here. A supervisor was not here and so I don’t know what’s up.

Anyway, I took a shower. And I haven’t eaten all day. But my mood is fine! No problem. Strange. Interesting. So, funny. But I only ate Turkey/Swiss sandwich after I shopped in Wegmans.

Tonight, I made Death by Chocolate Zucchini Bread. It tastes good and healthy. I love it! <3 Yummy! What a joyful day!  

My sister and my parents contacted me. Cool.

19th – I got up at about 6:20am. Entered shower and washed my hair for several minutes. Until I came to my bedroom at 7:03am. Wow! That was so long time. I was supposed to be done within between 15-30 minutes but my hair need cold water and rinse. Reason: frizz. I will need to trim my hair as soon as possible. I’m searching the good haircut in here Walkersville. But most of the time my sister-in-law always go to hair salon in NYC. So great! But I’ll try here and see myself.

Anyway, my day program teacher is finally come back after three months of her knife accident. She looks fine, but her foot is taking a while to get healed though. She will see her foot therapist on Monday. So here will my supervisor again.

Today day program, my supervisor told us to explain to my teacher about what we learned from three months. I felt lazy to explain it to her but I managed to present her. Because of my patient is key. Although my mind is sleepy that I still need to get rest. I felt annoyed by one client is talking too much. But I am patient with her. Even though lazy won’t make you succeed. So, I keep fighting off laziness. Because of I want to be a successful woman.

That all for now. Have a good night. And oh, I planned to present part three about car time and bus time. I will blog it as soon as when I’m done writing the story. Yours, Loiriam

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