Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm back to blogging-:D

The CowGal Fashion<3

Hi, I’m back to blogging. Since April 27, 2016 my new life as a residential student is progressing improve better. I’m learning how to manage the household stuff, health, financial and interpersonal skills (I’m still working on to face the people). I live in the same place. No discharge. No transition. I will be moving on to renew second (from the first one I was making a big mistake with a devout JW landlady). Or, I’m planning to move back to my family’s home again. Here is a review for six months of my new life as a residential student:

May 2016

Living in a new home on April 27, 2016 was too early for me. The reason is that it was still unfinished remodel. I rather everything new home is fixed first and then I move in. which is easier for me and less stress for me.

Garbage, I was so confused and upset. I thought the garbage man came to pick up after 7am on Monday. But I got what a substitute staff said about trash. She told me that the garbage man come to pick up on every Tuesday morning. I expressed my former therapist about what happened that Monday morning. She defined “trash” means “put the garbage outside the night before morning pick up”. I’m grateful for learning a lesson about garbage stuff.

Townhouse, I wish I have two bathrooms. Why two bathrooms? Because of I live with my roommate. She’s not my family, and therefore, I don’t want to touch her stuff. Unfortunately, this bathroom is not easy for me. That bathroom is too crowd for me. So I have to disinfect the bathroom after she uses. Sighs.

June 2016

Teapot, I was so frustrated with my new teapot. I put the milk on it to heat it. And it became stuck. I tried to finish the scrub so soon. But it takes an hour to end it. So I had to buy the good sponge for it. Geez. I learn a lesson is to never put the milk in the teapot. That teapot is for water only. Oh.

I started to drink a lot of water. And I stay out of all-day bedroom. I’m coming down to keep busying. I’m gaining to keep going. I also plan to join Pilate. I am confident in Pilate. It will cure my health situation. And it will eliminate my fatigue. (Although, Pilate is way expensive. So I decide to use “Pilate” online for cheap).

I joined Blue Apron. I had researched Blue Apron. It makes cooking fun and easy. (I did Blue Apron for only one month).

July was very busy for me. I got too heavy bill. Nothing in the world is FREE and ECONOMIZE!!! I have to pay more and surrender the saving account. So sad that I live in a CRAZY world where there are so many greedy people surround me! I’m sick of my greedy surroundings. But some good thing was in August 24, 2016 I got a job, a newest company. It solved some of my billing statement problems. Although I worked for only three (ended September 16, 2016)weeks due to my performance that do not fit that job. So I’m still searching for a better job that fit my performance. I have never heard job require to remember everything. Well, responsible at the job is part of what not to forget. For example, I worked as a food supervisor for Next Generation Vending, Inc. every time I brought the key to work. I must remember to bring the key to work. That is called responsible, which is serious as what the master like to see in his servant.

So, what next? I’m back! Welcome me to the blogging world. -:D Yours, Loiriam

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