Monday, April 25, 2016

A New Plan, A New Life

Compare to last year was not a true plan at the farm. Now, and then on Wednesday will be a new plan and a new life. From Wednesday to after six months, I will be a residential student. Being a residential student is all about learning the advanced skills in real world. For example, you learn how to do at home: manage the household stuff. Like when you don’t forget to turn off the stove. After six months, I will be rather discharged or transited to on my own as second (from the first one I was making a big mistake with a devout religious landlady). Or, back with my family again in perhaps a new state or Florida.

"Ariel" shirt-Hot Topic/Blue Casual Pant-Rue21/Purple Converse Sneaker-Journey

Today I went to Barnes and Noble in the mall and I finally bought a new book about Selena that her husband, Chris wrote. The name of that book is To Selena, With Love. I’m happy to buy it, because this book is the last one. So I better buy now before too late for anyone to grab it! I now can read To Selena, With Love

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