Monday, February 8, 2016

How You Can See Who I Am

Are you seeking in my life? Am I a failed friendship and companionship? What can I say about myself? Well...
I come from a cared family... couldn’t ask for a good family...
I have a very few friends... not many but my very small circle of friends know how to be a true friend.
I raised and lived in BuffLUV for sixteen years
I enjoy writing poetry, listening to the music, dancing, exploring and observing the nature

What more can I say? I’m a Spanish ancestry babe. :-D Thus yea, it’s naturally in my blood.
I also enjoy playing volleyball and tennis...
Going to the mall...
Going to the beach when I get a leisure time
Viewing in the city where I am 
Observing the nature and letting my thoughts and expressions pour out to my vintage meme notebook
Also, sketching to my sketch diary
Basically I like chilling and doing something
To be the truth, I really can say much about myself through my journals that I recorded
I guess I’ve been quite the difficult with success, you know? Well, you can look down on me and view me as cheap. You will never get me, right?
(Hey my old neighbours, do you remember me? It’s your friendly local neighbourhood boyhoods and Forest Ave! We had great memories! I miss u!)
But anyways I guess you know who I am... Just got to do by keeping motivating...
so keep seeking of what you will like to see in me.
you know I'm making goals to happen...
if you want to say something, then just hit me up and have some coffee/tea chat at the Starbucks or any coffee cafe.
other than that for now on I’m simply love MESELF -:) if you are my haters. But I love you as my enemies. Because Love covers multiple sins of mine. <3

Thus, how can you see who I am.

Step one: Live my own life.

I need to think about my own tastes: 1) interests 2) activities 3) friends 4) hobbies
for example:
1st you like to spend your weekend in hiking
2nd traveling
3rd playing cello
4th taking me to dance class
5th catching up on your favorite show

My interests are:
art, writing, poetry, performance in ASL, photography, fashion, bakery, volleyball, baseball, swimming, music, dance, travel, adventure, parks, and camping

If you like some of my interests, then you are the right friend for me.

Step two: Looks in all the right places.

you are responsible, respectful, and honest

3 traits are:
friendly, funny, and spiritually-minded

Characteristics are:

-you do your things
-you are tough as winner
-you obey your parents (add to if your parents trained you well)
-you have good friends
-you talk good things
-you do not love money
-you are a Christian and you are reading the Bible

10 places to meet you is in:

-work site
-good concerts
-wedding days
-camping sites

Step three: Dress in whatever way makes I feel comfortable and confident.

-oasis skater dress
-sheath dress
-housewife dress 1950’s

Step four: Refine my flirting technique

When you introduce me to a man who he is your friend and interests me, I make my eye contact and smile. If he is watching me, blushes, and look down; then I’m bravely draws my eyes back up and smiles again. I give a man a wink if he is shy at me. If he not feels comfortable, then I avoid my eye contact on him.
> Once a man approaches me, I lean back and relax.
Ask him about his life and commenting positively.
>I’m not afraid to give him my telephone number.

I respect the men. ;)

Step five: I make sure I'm a truly compatible.

I ask you of what you want out of life.
                             My Qs:

What is your plan for goals?
What are you going to do to accomplish those goals?

Similarity in values, backgrounds, and goals are a good predictor (future) of success.

Step six: Develop a healthy friendship and companionship.

- agree with you
- have wise mind skills with you
- show you respect
-no judgments with you
-express positive feelings with you
-treat you like I'm mature that you want to see in me -:)

If you are my true friend, then I am enjoying your company and grant that I am satisfied. -:) Yours, Loiriam

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