Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dear Selena, We Miss You and We Love You So Much

To Selena,

I hear you sing
You sing your song
Selena, you belong... your beloved fans
'Cause we miss you
Always miss you so true

Loi xx

Dear Selena,

It has been 21 years since your very last life on earth. I remember you was singing so beautiful and pure when I was about 9 years old. Recently I was listening to your amazing love song, “My Love”. I love it! Yea, your dream of love came true. You had completed your love of Chris. He really misses you so much! He remembers you every day, and never will he forget you. Chris love you so dearly. I listen to all of your albums. And I watch you have inspired your fans. We are so grateful to have you here by supporting anyone and educating young people. We learn a lot from you. We love you so much! And we always miss you!

Selena, I’d like to buy and read a lovely book about you by your dear husband, Chris. <3 Selena, we fans keep you in our memento. We miss you! We love you!


Loi <3

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