Friday, November 13, 2015

I Come Here For Nothing: Story about Struggle with My New Life

Hey, I wrote an old poem from years ago when I was living in Rochester. It is about moving to the new city for nothing. I want to share with you about what this is related to my new life yet still same experience. Blah! Again? What the fuck? Here you go, people. Today people are very mean. It’s not like before. Before was more generous and charitable. But now you see what happen. I have to keep aggressive by bothering to call people on the phone. And that make me keep asking and asking until I accomplish the rewards. That for long time as I “miss” the opportunity on events. Hello? I’m so tired of keeping bothering the damn people. I don’t want to bother them. But what the fuck wrong with them today? Why can’t they keep the quality of tradition? Oh, now I see the tradition to me is dead. Okay, cool. I get it. I’m not worry about the cruel people. I have God in my life.

Do you want to read my revised poem? If so, click here.

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