Monday, October 26, 2015

A Difficult Week

I have not been posting on this blog for almost one week. I had a difficult week. I’m really behind the works that should be completed. But sadly, my life with interference that I have to accept. I admit I don’t want it, but I have to accept. How can I overcome the cruelty? It’s hard for me to escape it. Because of when it comes to my view, my view is always disagreed… But I’m not worrying about that. I have my faith.

 Recently I watched “The Magdalene Sisters” movie. Oh, I can similarly relate to my situation. Almost same, but different. I learn Catholic is more strict. As if you want to have sex, you have to be on wed, not out-of-wed or wedlock or whatever it called. It’s interesting. If you have already have sexual sin or if you get pregnant while you are unmarried, then the nun will force you to sign for the baby adoption, accept your baby be taken away and cut off your contact with your baby for years. And you will have to dwell in the Catholic institution for the rest of your life that your shunned parents sent you off to. This is a real sad and disgusting story. Thanks God that I was “Catholic” custom but I never attend to that church. I only attend to KH that is not really easy for me. Because of when it comes to the personalities of “sisters” from the congregation, they suggest what best for me and for my life by encouraging me to choose the new system than in this present system. Like they told me if I want to get married, it is better for me to wait in the new system. Ugh! Why not now? What wrong with that? Can they respect my decision? They should. Because of they know that they can’t force anyone to decide what to do with life. I have a disgusting experience story. When I saw a friend of B. He looks handsome. So I went ahead to meet him but I was stopped by one “sister” told me that he like his friend’s wife, J. Excuse me? Oh, wow! That’s disgusting to me. J is already married to B. what make “sister” think that a handsome “brother” like J?

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