Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holocaust Museum: Story About Jews Suffered From Nazis Persecuted Them

I went to Florida Holocaust Museum with my fellowshipped friends. That story is really sadden me and it is important to know the history of the Jews suffered from Nazis persecuted them. I learn four things that I never heard in my old school:

1) One hundred Jewish people were in the cold brown wooded train and stayed there for three days. They had no food, no water and no bathroom to survive. Some survive but mostly, the Jewish people died from that train. And the ring outside the train was found.

2) The Jews had to drink pee from the bathroom in a cup because of no water. Oh, my God! I can't imagine my time of how I survive by drinking pee. Oh, wow! How cruel the Holocaust time is! 

3) I found so strong lie to the Jewish moms and her babies and children. On what false statement do Nazis soldiers spoke to them? Go to the shower for water that keep them clean, but really the Nazis soldiers poisoned the moms, babies and children. It was so horrible!

4) Adolf Hitler viewed the disabled people as suffering and was better off to kill them to die. Excuse me! How discrimination Hitler was! 

We cannot know what the future will be like. Maybe persecution and less freedom or no freedom will happen to my belief and everyone's belief. So we need to keep faith in God because of it is very important. If no faith, then we cannot receive reward from God's Kingdom. So most important is to keep faith. Keeping faith is virtue! Stay strong, my Christian fellowships! 

Fire of Holocaust

One man who told us that story about Jews suffered during Holocaust time is a museum tourist and true storyteller. He was born on January 1945 in Germany. He was a precious baby Jewish boy who needed to be safe from Nazis. He was finally did in Catholic Church, hiding him by priest. He had accomplished emigrated to here America long time ago. And he is happy to live here, have good life. :) Unfortunately, others innocent Jewish children  couldn't moved here America because of they were denied by American government. But they were accepted by British government. I am wonder why America did not accept the Jewish children. I need to learn more about that situation. Maybe next time I will visit to other Holocaust museum like in Washington, D.C. if I have money. Let's see.

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After museum, I went ahead to home and I shared some general info about what I learn in museum with my mother.

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