Sunday, October 11, 2015

"You have a future."

Yesterday I was feeling so sick, but I felt improving better little by little after I drank a lot of warm liquids and some cold liquids. Today I feel little bit better, and still I drink the liquids. Okay, I finally started to research on what religious people view on future. Here is my comment on what to do for the future:

Some group says, “You have a future.” But the question is, do you have a future? You don’t expect a future. Why? Because of in my experience, my future is already destroyed. The group had interfered my plan for the future. They want me to follow the steps of their future which upset me. So why are they have a right to stop my dream? They should have going away. I made my own plan for the future and I want to achieve my future. But my time of success have still not yet to come. Also, they already destroyed my life. It’s like I’m dead never have a chance to have a long-term artist career, a nice house, a nice car, a gentle husband and, have children together. Like they don’t want me to have a life in this system where we are. They want me to have a life in only new system. I scoffs. I’m so mad! They should show respect to everyone’s right to follow the steps of their own future. I have other good question to consider. Is future for individual or the group? Listen to what the society said about what to do for the future, “…depends on how you view it and plan for it.” Do you see that “you”? It does not say “our organization.” I don’t get how the society’s system works. Why should I keep following the steps of the group’s future? They should have going away. Today group is forgetting about the old saying, “You have a future” and “depends on how you view it and plan for it” causes me to feel disgraced. That’s not right! How do you feel about someone who took your future if that happened to you?

Why not follow the one noted inventor observed? What observation? “We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.” Why not? But destroy someone’s future? Oh, please. Sincerely yours, Loiriam. PS. Read this related to my other blog post.

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