Friday, October 9, 2015

Find the Right Driving School

I, Loiriam should be a driver. Everyone tell me that a car is expensive for me to drive. Who's care? I cannot live without a car. Because of my time is value than I am at a bus stop waiting and waiting. This photo was taken by October 2012. 

Today I went to The Cleaning Authority with my family for applying a cleaning job. That job is required a driver’s license. I can’t apply that job because of I don’t have a driver’s license. That is not fair. As if I never had a wrong driving school, then I would have been driving for 9 years. Too bad that I never experience myself driving, but I did with only my former driving educator and three former learners’ permit (now have driver’s license) students. My former driving educator did feel too chicken to have me driving with such a simple thing, just a tiny accident. She should have fired for too simple to not wanting teach me how to drive, and she referred me to ask my parents or friends (who have driver’s license) for teaching me how to drive even when they don’t want to teach me. So for that woman, driving educator should teach his/her learners’ permit students how to drive and help them to get license. Not refer to someone who have a driver’s license and don’t want to teach them how to drive.

Okay, I take a breath and calm down. As I have trying to move on from my mistake. If I make the second learner’s permit, then I learn a lesson from my mistake. Find the right driving school which not refer you to someone who have a driver’s license and don’t want to teach you how to drive, but a driving educator is willing to be happy to teach you how to drive and help you get a license. 

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