Thursday, March 13, 2014

Still Not Have a Future :(

I was about to leave home for the youngest 
couple's wedding day. I wish I am a married lady. 
Oh, well. This photo was taken by October 20, 2007.

I need to express about the views on me occurring again. The question is: why are the careless people acting weird? The reason is they want me to be like them as bringing me down. For example, no future for me: the significant of me living with my parents as a child. No job (when a person who have no life is telling me that job is not necessary), no saving (careless people always demand me for money), no car (no one want to teach me how to drive and I still not have my learner’s permit back because of I failed the second learner’s permit several times), no nice house, no husband, and no children. I’m trying to stand and speak out as a woman. Sadly, whoever believes that the children of God is significant of treating each other as a child and support each other when saying that job is not necessary? What the non-needed job? They are on the field service full-time every day without a job and depend on government for welfare. Sound like taking advantage of governor? Truly, yes it is. God have given people a master to the workers as the gift. So why think job is not necessary? How about if they need a place to live? Food to eat? Clothes to wear? They should think yes is necessary to go to work. They know better that welfare is sometimes not helpful for getting a place to live. So they use their concept and know how to grow up. I had experience of the immature bitch that always complain about me don’t help her to pay her home while she was working and I don’t work. So Bond, grow up! She was not supposed to sell me her expensive home when I was on welfare because sometimes welfare don't helps me to get a place to live. She believes that welfare is a basic need: home, food, and clothes are good enough. She even not want me to have a future and so she made me move back to live with my parents again. She’s not like a woman to me. I’m sick and tired of waiting for having my future for over ten years (the future should be now because of I’m grown up adult). Have you ever had experience with someone who have no life and wanted you to be like someone? 

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