Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chapter Two: "Are You Ready to Date?"

In many countries, people view on dating is a romantic entertainment, a fun activity. So dating takes many forms. Somewhat dating is a formal, structured affair-flowers, a lovely dinner, and a good-night kiss are all part of an agenda. Other meaning of dating is spending some time together with someone you like. Also, whether you and your boyfriend or your girlfriend are going together, or just seeing each other. You two are spending a lot of time together socially without supervised. 

In God's Law, dating is for two people to get to know each other.

Wanting to Date

When you see the two people are dating, do you wish you are dating someone? It is naturally you do want to date. Wanting to date causes by seeing the two people are dating.

Some of you want for warmth and affection. Ann explained that she needed to be loved and appreciated. Since Ann was not closed to her parents, she turned to her boyfriend to find closeness and to have someone to whom she could pour out her feelings who would really understand. However, one thing is that, dating is serious-a part of the process of selecting a marriage mate. So if Ann's boyfriend not interest in getting married her, then what is the point of Ann dating him?

The Dark Side of Dating

If any of you cannot wait to have sex, the good thing is to look up the scripture 1 Corinthians 7:36. You can go ahead to marry as soon as possible. :) It is nothing wrong with that; it is a part of growing up.

However, you get to understand that if you are single, big problem for you. So love yourself first, control sexual feelings. You may need to try remain chaste. Read my blog to learn more about how to control your desire of having sex. On the other side of dating, the question is - Who say that boy and girl cannot be friends? That is the hot discussion. Yes, they can be friends if the two of them remain chaste with respect. Differently from my personal experience at my old school, my former teacher's aide had to be my chaperon in order to stay away from my ex-boyfriend and commanded me to shun him. This doctrinal policy idea came up by the Watchtower Society that my mother tend to follow and she gave it to my old school principal, and then he assigned to my former teacher's aide. This must be added to the scripture says, "Flee from fornication!" But to think of body of Christ is better for the Christian people. We Christians can date and marry someone who are the true followers of Jesus Christ.

When you started to date, you can hold hands, kiss and talk. Nothing to feel cheap and ashamed. But for the growth of emotion, talking first is better.

Torn Emotions

A man or a woman liked you a lot at first. Well, he or she talked to you into doing some things you didn't think were right. Now he or she lose interest in you. That is a puzzling situation. How do you feel? Of, course you feel hurt!

Heartbreak is disease. But the cure is to move on. True, the romantic couple walking hand in hand is an attractive picture. But, are they still together? God knows. Indeedly, the teen romances are always damned relationships, not often develop in future marriage, and that can be the severe heartbreak.

After all, during the teen years your personality is still changed. Be who you are, what you really like, what you want to do with your life. If someone fit you and your interests, then no problem. But if not, be yourself. Love yourself first. Not surprisingly to see how the beginning of action affect the relationships. Heat arguments or unhappy in love as among the situations responsible for many suicides.  

Who is dating me? No one. I love myself.

Are You Ready?

God tells you to rejoice and let your heart cheer you in the days and walk in the ways of your heart, and the sight of your eyes. You tend to walk in the ways of your heart. But you know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment. Therefore, repent your heart and put away evil from your flesh. (Ecclesiastes 11:9, 10) Don't let it cause your life miserable.

If you pick a wrong person to date, that's not the best reason. Dating is serious and attain the marriage. There are four questions and answers for you to evaluate your own situation.

1. Is dating help or stop your emotional growth?

You understand that dating is not for a boy-girl relationship. Why not? Because of dating is an attainable to marriage. Take for a good example. Susan learned to develop close friendships with older Christian women. They needed companionship and Susan needed their good influence. So she would go to Starbuck for tea or coffee with them. They would talk and laugh. Susan made real life-long friendships with them.

You are having many types of friends-old and young, single and married, male and female really no matter-you learn to be poised around people with less your desire of dating. Add to associate with married couples, you gain a more realistic view of marriage. Later on you will be better prepared to choose a right man or woman for interesting in getting married you.-Proverbs 31:10

2. Do you want to cause hurt feelings?

Both of your and your mate's can be hurt if the romance is faked without hope of marriage. Is it fair? Read Matthew 7:12.

3. What do your parents say about dating?

Parents tend to see dangers to which they are protecting you. After all, they had that experience when they were young. They know what the real problems are! So if your parents disapprove your dating, accept. Don't argue with them. (Ephesians 6:1-3) Likely, they simply feel you should wait until you are older. 

4. Can you follow the Bible guide of morality?

Dealing with sexual impulses is not easy. Are you really ready for dating when you and your boyfriend or your girlfriend handle to keep chaste?

You determined that you want a good impact about dating. And choose someone with the good qualities you wanted in a marriage.

Before you start to date, ask yourself.

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