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Chapter Three: "Are You Ready for Marriage?"

Hello, I haven't been blogging new chapter, "Are You Ready for Marriage?" for last week. The reason is: Heavy duty on the farm, which my two young cousins are back to school. And after working, I felt my arms and legs are "numb". So I decided to not to blog, but watching a movie and listening to my favorite music. But now I can blog. :)

Marriage is not a game. God intended for husbands and wives to remain closeness. Read the beautiful scripture Genesis 2:24. A marriage mate is thus someone you stick to - or be stuck with - for the rest of your life.

What I understand is that, when rushing to marry someone can lead to disaster. Why? The answer to this have strong bearing not ready for marriage.

Great Expectations

Sadly, many young people are not sure what marriage is. They thought they enjoy being together, or not do the house chores, but that not the way marriage is. Many young people simply want to get married to escape a bad situation at home, at school, or in their community. But marriage is not covered up the problems. Because of marriage can pops up the problems such like lost the job, financial situation, heat arguments, etc. Vicky experienced her first child at aged 20 told that many teenagers get married to play house. It looks like such fun! You think of a baby as a little doll, something that is so cute and that you can just play with, but not that. It's serious. 1 Corinthians 7:3, 4 explains that when you two finished married, you two have authority to touch each other bodies.

Wisely, the Bible encourages you two to get married so that you two won't sin.-1 Corinthians 7:36

Ready for Your Roles

Marry someone who think not only sex, but communicate with you, support you, love you and something treat you well. So that you won't be fooled.

Before you get married, make sure that you keep cleaning house and know how to cook. Some of you men think only women clean the house and cook, and so you can lean on them. Is that true? No. You men can clean the house and cook. As to help each other in the house during marriage. Even single men can do them by themselves. You don't need a woman to lean on. Same as us single women don't need a man to lean on for repairing in the house and cutting the grass in the backyard. But if you want to get married, you need to make sure that you do skilled domestically. Like what you know about marriage, marriage is not a game. It's serious. Get that?

And, how about have you ever supporting your family before you get married? Like for example, you daughters, tend to help your dad by fixing the meals and sewing his clothes when its rip? It is something you daughters get ready for marrying your man after your dad.

Be Financially Responsible

Before you get married, make sure that you are always responsible to finance so that you won't have marital discord for your future marriage. Also, make sure that you have budget. So that you won't have a biggest problem with spending family income. How do you have income? By going to work and keeping a job can solve your money problems. And that you won't feel pain. If you want to have fun things to do with your life, make sure to see what left you have in your bank. Or if you want to save money for future, save what left you have in your bank. Thus, you two won't start lots of heat arguments and unhappiness.

You know that marriage is working when it comes to communicate and support each other every day. That is love. Also, having a job is important. Because of you see what happen to the marriage. One homeless young man explained about what happened to him and his ex-wife. One commentator told him a lesson is to not to get married. I read the scripture Proverbs 24:27 advises you to 'prepare your work out of home, and make it fit for yourself in the field; and after that, you build your own house.' I like that scripture. Building the house to own is better than mortgaging or renting home. Thus, no marriage have that type of problem.

Knotting Together

Same life goal is worth in marriage. While you are not yet married, if your life goal is not the same as your mate, is it worth to marry your mate? The better answer is no. Because of you don't want that problem.

Knotting together is not the point about making good looks. But the point is love. Love is key. If you want to marry someone who is so handsome, read Proverbs 31:30. It warns you, Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain...

Examine Yourselves

It is a snare to the man who devoureth that which is holy, and after vows to make enquiry.-Proverbs 20: 25 

Does examine yourself in the light of the scriptures before you enter into something as serious as a vow of marriage make sense? Just what are your goals in life? How will these be affected by marriage? Do you want to get married for getting experienced of having sex with your mate or to escape your family problems?

Also, on what level are you in? Are you ready for taking on the role of husband or wife? Are you able to manage a household or to make a living? If you always find conflict with your parents, will you be able to get along with your marriage mate? Can you endure with marriage problems? Have you truly handle the money? Your parents will doubt if you think you are ready for marriage.

Marriage can be either happy and most bitter pain. It depends on how ready you are for it. If you are not ready for marriage, why not wait until you are ready for it? Waiting won't harm you. It simply give you time you truly need to be ready and take that serious - and permanent - step of marriage.

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