Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Finalized Fifth Chapter of Grief: Is Grief Normal?

Today is the finalized fifth entry of this blog that I wrote about grief is normal if you think that way. Here is the story below:

Grief is of course true story to everyone who experienced mourned their loved ones death. They know that the loved ones cannot bring back to life again, but the loved ones will reside on life by God. What about you? Is grief normal for you to grieve the death of your loved one? You are a human. You can feel anger, confusion, and fear. Also, you can't hold back tears. Really, it is naturally you react emotionally when someone you love dies. Remember Jesus' close friend, Lazarus died? Jesus wept. 

When your loved one died, you may feel confused. You was hopeful that a person is alive. It's true that you tend to deny that the death has occurred. But that person is dead. Get over is not so easy. Because of it is good that you remember God made man to live, not to die.

How can you shares your feelings about the death of your loved one? You deal with them openly. Not to isolate yourself if you are opened and share your feelings. Find a good listener, a friend who will understand that your many feelings are normal reactions to your bitter grief.

What Hope That Comforts You?

John chapter five explains a hope of the resurrection on Life. It does not means to eliminate grief but, you will remember your loved one. As a result, your pain of losing someone you love will gradually recovery and know that your loved one will reside in paradise as Luke 23.43.

The end of chapter, but more is, we are a human. We do still have our feelings to share more than just hating ourselves, depression, loneliness, shyness, and grief. 

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