Sunday, August 24, 2014

My First Anniversary of Second Renewed Facebook & a Thank You Note

Last year, I renewed Facebook page as the newest second page for sharing the thoughts with my family, my friends, and my fans. So I cleaned up my first old Facebook page after nearly the sixth term of that period. I was wanting to restart the new page like a new book of life. Here is my first year anniversary of second renewed Facebook and a thank you note below:

Today is the first anniversary of my second renewed Facebook page. Actually, I was the first joined Facebook on September 22, 2007, my first old Facebook. It was permanently deleted on around the mid of September 2013. So here is the first anniversary of second Facebook that I decided to renew on August 24, 2013. From August 24, 2013 to presently today I am sharing the posts about how encouragement I keep the new from the past, it is not really easy, but with the good effort I keep moving forward to make the new as you do not want to hear the boring old news. You want to feel relief and happy. 

Since one year of this second renewed Facebook page I liked to share what I learned from the good school notes, poetry/lyrics, news, the pictures, and some others stuff. I want to do that again for the whole second year anniversary. But more than these I like to share, posting on what new today status each day and everyday. I hope you will like to stay here, view my news feed, and visit my page at any time. Without you, I am nothing. Also, I will like to thank you for 2013-2014 family, friends, and fans for accepting/adding Loi Jimenez, me a friend request, and thanks for visiting my page, viewing my posts, photos, videos and everything on my page you likes, comments, tags, shares, and for keeping growing the fond of this page. Thank You! :) 

I Love You All <3 <3 <3 <3,

Loi Jimenez

Not that hard to say thank you... :) <3

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