Monday, August 18, 2014

Chapter Fourth: Why Am I Like So Shy and How to Overcome the Shyness?

Today is the fourth entry of this blog that I wrote about how to overcome the shyness. Here is the story below:

I recall a story of brave little girl who she was around her neighbors and other people in her island. But then a teenage girl stopped associated with people. So she isolated herself in her bedroom doing something. Since I am like so shy as Moses did not have brave to speak out to the Israelites. But I'm not shy. I have the delayed language called Persuasive Develop Disorder. It is so sad to hear that not all people heard or understand that situation, but some they do.

What is Shyness?

A shy person is not easy to associate the people. It can be a victim in a variety of ways. Some embarrassed by not answering to the questions of people and so a shy person find him/herself unable to speak. Also, it hard to speak up and comment the opinions or preferences of people.

When a shy person restricts you, you realize that he/she affects you and harms his/her relationship with you, work with you, and your feeling, it is time to do something about it!

Shyness describes a person's behavior, reaction to situations, the pattern he/she have learned and enhanced through experiences with others.

See the brotherhood associates as they are 
not so shy. :) This photo was taken by late 
September 2012.
I was not so shy to talk to her. This photo was taken by 
early 2007.

How to Overcome the Shyness?

You can change from shyness to talk to the people with time and effort. Love is outgoing and if you have that, you think the best of people, not the worst. So you learn to quit assigning bad motives to people. Because of you may never know that they're going to be understood, they're going to be kind, and they're going to be considerate. Trust people but if they judge you, that are their problems. 

Also, learn the need to start showing love in an active way - to extend yourself more to others. Be sensitive to their needs, to think in terms of helping them. Remember that God is the only one can judge the people, not you. You can't judge them because you don't know what they do in their day. So show your love to them as you know, no one is perfect. 

Overcome the shyness

Want to change; change is really possible

Think positive with positive action

Set the goals for yourself

Know how to relax and cope with anxiety

Rehearse a situation beforehand

Gain confidently; your experience will progress successfully

Remember that differences of opinion exist and that others err too

Practice increases the skills and learns the new ones

Reach people; show them love and help them

Dress tastefully and act with confidence

Get Start

When you meet people, be sociable by starting to say hello and then to a conversation. If you feel clumsy to what you plan to say, don't feel bad. If others laugh, laugh with them. Stand up straightly; look pleasant and smile. Eye contact to others and get involved in the conversation with them.

When you face a tough situation like job interview, be prepared. Rehearse beforehand what you will say in job interview. That way you will overcome the shyness. As you see the positive results, you will achieve the success. 

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