Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Long Thankful Weekend -:D

Today is December! I haven’t post for a while. Here are some things that I remember in the last month November. On last week Wednesday, I left home for visiting my in-laws. And I stayed with them for a long weekend. I am starting to write the daily thankful note with the scripture 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. And I want to keep my prayer…Attaining the successful goals and happiness. I want to be happy in my life. I’m grateful for some people I know and some new ones who are part of my life. I also thank to my in-laws for not only eating the delicious turkey dinner, but for their big gifts to me. This was my first time I have ever have them in my life. -:D

My Black Friday was not bad. Thanks God that it was not too crowd for me. -:)
In Black Friday, I bought some new clothes. I like them. Here is the picture of my new colorful purple patterned long sleeve shirt below:

Black cute bow cap-Rue21/Colorful Purple Patterned long sleeve shirt-Century21/Dark Blue jean-Rue21/Black boot-from my mother

 Women’s Saturday! I went to Asian’s spa for bathing and massaging for four hours. My mind and body cannot be thankful for how I have never been to spa in my whole life, but only a simple homemade spa/massaging at my former friend’s mother’s house. Finally I did! This is my first time ever in my life at the spa! Big thank to my one of in-laws!! -:D

Hair’s Sunday! I went to the pricey Latino Salon for styling my hair and my four female in-laws’ hair elegantly. My new hair is nice. -:)

At the end of day on Sunday, I went ahead home. It was really nice long weekend. Pleased me. -:D 

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