Friday, December 11, 2015

Setting Goals for 2016

Today is Friday. And I started to cleanup something. Something special? Well, I’m going to tell you something. This is about the goals for the new year, 2016. 2016, here I come closer to beginning a new 12 months! I am setting the goals that I want to achieve for 2016. I am working on preparing to make some great goals for the new year. Here are fourteen goals:

1.      Keep praying
2.   Read the Bible daily
3.      Write thankful notes, which is called a gratitude journal
4.   Better sleep, better wake up
5.   Get fit; flexibility
6.   Eat well
7.   Keep exploring
8.   Pass my driving test
9.   Getting a job 
10.  Cook more; bake in the mid of every month
11.  Keep educating myself
12.  Keep vlogging; I want to keep a diary video
13.  Improving fast-paced progressive; keep motivating
14.  Keep creating :)

I’d like to hear from what your goals for 2016 are.

Yours, Loiriam 

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