Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Letter to My Late Beloved Friend, Amy

Amy on 2004 newspaper

January 30, 2002

Dear Amy,

Hi! How are you? I am fine. I’m doing well in school. I’m really miss you a lot. We really love you a lot. I hope you will feel better at the hospital. Thanks God you are not dead because I’m really want to see you forever. All around the world people don’t want to die. I’m afraid to die forever. But my best friend, Rexy does not afraid to die. Are you? We really want to peace the earth, like for examples: 1. No more war. 2. No more diseases or cancers. 3. No more cry. 4. No more death. 5. No more food shortage for hungry and drinking shortage for thirsty. 6. No more argument or batter on each other. And etc. Those are many things that need pass away.

In school, during health class, I learned about how to fight AIDs, HIV and cancers. For cancers, have to eat healthy foods are vegetables, fruits, or eat any kinds of chocolate like for examples, cocoa, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc. So I hope you can learn how to fight the cancers or avoid the cancers, okay? Here are the picture of me, Mr. Berg and my best friend that I gave to you, okay? I hope you enjoy the picture.



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