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Chapter Five: "How Can You Carry On a Successful Courtship?"

The phrase: "Most marriage failures are courtship failures." should not fit everyone. But sadly yes, most they do. Louise expressed her biggest mistake was getting attached affectionately to Andy before she allowed herself to see what he was like as a person. Their courtship had been pretty much limited to one-on-one settings. Louise never saw how Andy reacted outside these 'ideal' situations. That situation causes by divorce. How to avoid failing courtship? Carrying on a successful courtship!

The Happy Married Old Couple <3<3

Before You Are Dating

The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.-Proverbs 14:15

If you don't know this person you are dating, it invites disaster. Even marriage can be worst if you marry this wrong person! It is wise for you to observe this person before you are ahead to date. Also, it helps you find out what kind of reputation he or she has by talking with someone who knows the person well. 

Your First Date

When you met your first date, he or she might be a suitable marriage mate for you if after you expressed a desire to get to know him or her better. Your first date need not be some complicated affair, which is a positive response. Maybe during lunchtime date or being part of a group date, you can and will suit to become a better acquainted so as to decide whether you want to continue to be in a relationship. Keeping cool helps ease your nervous for your first date. And express maturely as a good commitment, so that your first date will not lose his or her interest in you.

The type of date planned is to show up on time, dress neatly and appropriately. Chat well with your first date. Be a good listener to your first date. (James 1:19) A young man will want to follow local rules of etiquette. These are including opening the door for a young lady or help her with the seat. A young woman need to cooperate modestly with her date. By treating each other with respect, a couple set a plan for the future. Read the good scriptures 1 Peter 3:7 and Ephesians 5:33. Show affection appropriately without selfish. Such like holding hands, kissing, and embracing so that you and date can be clean. Remember my blog about no premarital sex. That is important for you to know what to do while you are dating. As you are showing self-control, you can focus on a successful courtship.

Better Know A Person Than Dating A Wrong One

1 Peter 3:4 explains 'better know the secret person of the heart than dating the wrong one.'

Good to learn more about a secret person of the heart. So plan to go out with him or her by going to the cinema theater or musical concert may help you know more about that person. Also, add to communicate with him or her while roller skating, bowling, visiting zoo, any museum, and art gallery, can do more to help you know him or her better. To take a look at your partner's feelings, try  opening questions like 'Are you available for Friday night?' 'If we don't have any money, what thing will you like to do?' 'What feature of our worship of God do you like the best? Why?' These are allowing to response you that help you learn what your partner's treasures.

As in a relationship deepens, the two of you are very seriously consider marriage. There is serious need to talk about future. Where and how you will live; you work outside the home; children; birth control; concepts of each one's role in marriage; and both immediately and many goals and how you plan to achieve these. Also, your health matters, such as any serious diseases, your consequences need to be frankly discussed with your partner, which is important. As Job 33:3 tells you to express straight from your heart and speak sincerely. Explain how your courtship prepared you for what proved to be a happy marriage. Always be honest with what you agree or disagree with your partner.

Do not be afraid to speak with your partner. Ask your partner about what to do with money in the future. And make sure that the two of you have the same saving goal.

Furthermore, be prepared to ask a lot more questions can be the best qualities of the heart that need to be seen before marriage.

Watch His or Her Action!

A person can be very nice to you. But really you don't expect when others are around him or her, and he or she can be interacting them more than you are. One of your friends might say that your partner like him or her more than you are. Now you get to see yourself how you reacts under pressure. Will you doubt your friend? During your courtship, interact your partner's friends and family and yours helps tremendously.

Add to you two are spending time working together. Share in faith works, including read the Bible to each other and go on the missionary together. Also, clean the house, go to the grocery store, and prepare the meals that after marriage will become a habitual life. By being together under real-life circumstances, you can see what your partner is doing to you.

And to make a similar assessment takes time. So avoid a quick courtship. (Proverbs 21:5) Usually a man and woman will win each other's love. But if they don't hurry to marry, then their courtship are successful. And their future marriage will not be failed. And their life in marriage will be happy. 

This is the end of chapter. But the more you prepare for dating, and a successful courtship, you will be happy with your marriage mate. :) Love, Loiriam

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