Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Goals for 2015 are...

Happy Tuesday? Well today is dark and rainy. Are you ready for 2015? No? Yes? Tomorrow is the last year of 2014. So good-bye 2014, hello 2015. Throw the negative thoughts of 2014, but can keep some positive thoughts. I have a lot of thoughts on my mind to share with you today. Here are eighteen goals for 2015. Take a look of my reflection below:

My Goals for 2015

1. Keep praying
2. Read and analyze the Scriptures daily
3. Sleep early, wake up early
4. Exercise regularly
5. Eat healthier
6. Always drink water and tea
7. Keep fashionable
8. Keep hairstyling/colorful looks
9. Keep exploring
10. Keep company w/ family&friends
11. Get a good paid job
12. Gain Freedom
13. Regular home school
14. Read/Watch the News
15. Keep a journal
16. Keep a planner
17. Keep organizing
18. Keep sharing...:)

These are my goals for 2015!

Many wishes for the thought of 2015 is gonna be the best. However, keep in mind that 2015 is going to be the same happen as what you have learned in 2014, in 2013, in 2012, and so much in years ago. You can share your goals for 2015 with ones you know if you have. Tomorrow is the new day. -Loi

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