Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday's Special Bethel Message and Thai Dinner Sunday Night

Yesterday Sunday I had to go to the other meeting for hearing the special Bethel message. That message is about how happy and lovely members they are by sharing the good news to people in the world. The special Bethel talk is new to me. It is not the same as before. Before was allowing to have freedom to not to go to the meeting as twice time. But now firmly go to the meeting again and again. Why again? The reason is, the eight men (GB) gave us members the scripture Psalms (I'm not sure which chapter and verses, I forget to put down the note). That scripture they gave us is out of context. So my question is, who shall I follow? Jesus Christ or GB? The good answer is Jesus Christ. Why do I pick Jesus Christ? Because of the Bible is already put down long time ago. It have nothing to do with translation. However, I still humbly dragging myself to that religion meeting. And very interesting to one of GB said, "So sad to keep obeying your parents." That's true, the truth is to give up your parents for following Jesus Christ if they still don't do what God wants. Almost overall GB's point is, all parents need to be with young children. Start with infant, teach him/her about God and how to prepare for future face the world. Eat dinner with family together is best as well as the school dorm if residential students are eating dinner together. That will help to make world a better place with less drug, less bullying and less violence.

Each of you must decide which path you go. No one have a right to pick a path for you. You have to make your own. You cannot let someone to tell you what to do. So sad to hear that whoever think that human rights abuse is nothing wrong or tell you must give up your human rights for following the man's policy. For example, the Bible says, "Do not fornicate." A man's policy add to, "No girls or women go alone with boys or men even if they are not married." I have already know that adding to the new rule for Bible is wrong. That man should let God take care.  God have a right to pick which people will live. And that is period. End of debate. I'm so tired to hear people complain about religion is wrong and need to be enough. Finish, it's over. So let peace and be enjoyable.

Purple Woman's Dressing Suit-J.W. Treci/Tan Pantyhose-Walmart/Purple Heeling Shoes-Pulse

Chickens and Fried Rice Dinner
The Wow Creative Carrot for Yummy Dinner!

After special Bethel talk, I joined the group of my fellowshipped friends for Thai dinner night. The dinner was yummy. 

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