Saturday, November 1, 2014

Playing Basketball/Volleyball With My Brotherhood at the Park Community

Today is November! Time goes fast and soon 2015. Okay, after meeting, I went to stop by lunch. And I joined playing the two sports, basketball and volleyball with my brotherhood. I know how to play these sports. I've learning them since the last time I was at school's after-school activities. I participated volleyball, basketball, and Track&Field teams. I also involved the tournament in the other states of Connecticut, and oh, wow! I can't remember which states I've traveling with my tournament teams. That was over ten years ago, a long time ago. Ha ha. Anyway, so, I enjoyed playing these sports with my brotherhood. :) Here are the four pictures of today playing the two sports, basketball/volleyball, one grass plant is nice and uncertain yellow bug below.

At first, I played basketball with my
And then at second, I played volleyball with my
The uncertain yellow bug
The grass plant is nice. :)

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