Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September! :)

I want to share a story about how exciting the kids are going back to school again and how exciting I keep educated myself!

Wow, I can’t believe today is September! How excitement! Soon the children will all going back to school. But some of them are already back to school in early August. I miss the school and the schoolmate but am good to have no homework for me. Because homework gives me stress. However, homework is a good thing that gives a teacher an easy job. Anyway, school is a good place for people to learn. Without school, how will they know? It is important to keep the education in people’s life. So I finish graduated from high school. But, is that all I am done with school? There is more I can do is to keep learning something new. I still take the classes by myself teaching. It is all called me a self-schooled lady. What classes am I taking? I’m taking French, Bible Study, History, Global Studies, Life Study, Biography, and after classes, the activities are art, photography, nature, heart intensity, photo/video/writing editing, and ASL performances. These are never letting me stop doing.

I hope that you have a good Monday. Yours, Loi :)

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