Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chapter One: Should You Give Up Your School Life?

As a previous blog, I wrote that note last year September 3, 2013. It's about how excitement the kids go back to school and how excitement I keep educating myself. Now here is the new article. It will tell you how school is value to everyone's life. 

The successful science teacher had graduated 
from her college and have teaching degree.
This photo is taken by the spring of 2008 where
she took a field trip with her young students. 

Imagine my life without going to school for twenty years, what would I do today? I would learn NONE! It is no excuse for not going to school. Why not pardon?  Because of communication with people is key, know what to do, and have assertion to success. If I did not go to school, what would happen to me today? I would act much knowing nothing and become dumber and dumber. And the worst part is, I'm a Stupid woman in the whole world! That is no fun, no funny, and no pardon for not going to school. Would you want to be like me if I never go to school for about twenty years? What's your answer? Think of that. It is okay to outright yourself and share your feeling about school rather you like or not like. If you like school, cool! But if you do not like school, then your have to go through with an endurance. If you dropout the high school at age 16 or before graduation day, what would happen to you? You will have no job, right? If you did dropout your high school and you frustrate that you cannot find a job, will you go and get GED classes? 

For what is the reason of giving up your school life? You can't pass the tests? You can't make the good grades? You can't achieve the awards? Bullying? The kids make fun of you? School shooting? Teachers are hard to get along with you? And, other reasons? These reasons I will explain the next following chapters, okay? Now we focus on chapter one. Does it surprise you of the numbers of youths choose not to go to school at all? No surprise at the teachers are impossible to teach the chronically absented students. And they are too impossible to know better than the teachers because the teachers have teaching experience. 

The Education is Value

Do you realize that you need an education? If so, then why? You reasoned the ability to lecture the people of what you had learned at school. Your education is value to prepare you for a successful adult life. Take the good example of wise King Solomon said about school: "knowledge and thinking ability". The school can help you nurture and grow your ability to think. And it can also help you to analyze and create the productive ideas. The school does make you use your mind. The truth is, school supplies you to study language arts, math, social studies, science, biology, geography, home economic and such more. You think that these are not relevant to your life. But read a good guide book that Barbara Mayer wrote. The name of it is "The High School Survival Guide". It will tell you how school is important to your life. Also read the other book called "The Enduring Effects of Education", too.

School and Employment

Learning in school can lead you to your future employment. If you do not go to school at all, watch at what will happen to your life. You understand that quitting school is poor. And you understand that you learn that hard way. A lot of times you've applied for jobs and you couldn't get hired because of you do not have a high school diploma or college degree. It is obviously the students who really learn the basic skills such as reading level will have the better job opportunities. 

You are better

Know your strengths and weaknesses benefit you. In school you learned how to work under pressure, how to take a test and how to express yourself. Your school proves more powerful have trained you the right way as disciplined you and get trained your mind creativity.

For that reason, it makes good sense for you to take full advantage of your school years. How can you do that? Let's study at school. And the next chapter will explain how you can improve your grades by maybe tomorrow. 

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