Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chapter Two: How Can You Improve Your Grades?

Today is the chapter two that I wrote about how you can improve your grades. So, here is the good advise for you to know what you do with your studying habit.

How many students concerning about grades and tests? Many, right? Okay, have you wondering the school grades are a major source of anxiety among the students? You know them grades and tests have their place. Because of this is what a teacher do to her students. She frequently tests their understanding. One book Measurement and Evaluation in the Schools explains that the test results can reveal the areas of students' strength and weakness.

Too much concern about your grades can create your problem. On what is your problem? Paralyzing stresses. You know when you fail your test, you cannot blame your teacher.You, yourself are taking responsibility for learning! As my previous blog of chapter one, "the teachers are impossible to teach the chronically absented students. And they are too impossible to know better than the teachers because the teachers have teaching experience."

If you say, "I do study." then where is your result? Your result is going to reveal your weakness. So better say nothing than your action of studying.

Where can you study without your family meddle you? Try a public library. The library is a good place for silent readers where they read a book or magazine without using their voice for talking. Or, whatever any other quiet place is up to you.

Your study routine is helpful when it comes to your method of studying. Try organize what you are going to study. If you fail, don't worry about it. You can try again later. Discern your teacher's comments what kind of test it will be, such an essay test or multiple choice. Also, before taking the test, listen for the clues as to what will appear in the test. It is important to remember what you study for the test. Try sleep early, wake up for breakfast, and be prepared for the test. Then, you will be fine. Have a bright day, smiles. Tomorrow next chapter will be explaining a reason of kids won't leave you alone.

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