Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chapter Three: Why Won't Kids Leave You Alone?

Today is the chapter three that I wrote about the reason why kids won't leave you alone. Here is the explanation of reason for you to understand.

On the priority of first day of your school, did you feel afraid of going back to school because of bullying triggered you? There are some bullying ones happen at school. Even since a group of young boys, for instance, once insulted Elisha. They did show disrespect to his office and cried out: "Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!"

One of the authors who wrote Growing Pains in the Classroom recalls when that author was in 9th grade said, "Being the smartest kid and the shortest kid in the room was a disaster combination..." In addition to call 'a walking dictionary'... The author of The Loneliness of Children adds: 'Children with disabilities are ready to target for teasing by other children.'

Many youths are defenseless in the face of peer cruelty. One youth recalls the reason of teasing and annoyance that each classmate does, he was so scared and unhappy... He couldn't concentrate on his studies.

God does not view the butt of bullying as a laughing matter. Consider my experience of a childish middle-aged woman who she did not leave me alone. She did show me her rough personality. She was always insults me and assails me. And she took my future as making an envy not in herself, but makes me feel envy. Until I moved out to the new area as to not see her again unless if I can afford to visit. Actually, I'm not envy. She is envy toward the love of young women. I know that it is not necessary for me to malice her because of I let God takes care of her.

Why does it bullying you? It is because of the bullying ones don't view as a Christian as you are living in Godly standards. You may wonder how they leave you alone. At first, try understand why they tease you. Laughter is happened to a group of youths harass someone. Often the bullying ones believe that putting someone down make them feel better.

The bullying ones also jealous at you when you are exceptionally bright or favored by your teacher. They are insecure, trust me. Jealous is unloved as the insecurity. Likewise without love is death as hate lead to death. 

Are you going to be happy when there are no bullying ones in your school? Rarely, try to return evil for evil to no bullying ones and keep conquering their evil action with only the good example. Additionally, do not let any bullying one break your spirit. Granted, it hurts if someone pokes fun at your looks. It is not necessary for you to malice them unless your looks improving the inner beauty and better. But, if someone still laugh at you, see their humor in it. Laugh at them and prove them wrong. Remember the bullying ones want to entertain your reaction and your misery. So the best way is to defense yourself and ignore them. 

King Solomon further telling you to not pay attention to everything people say about you. If you believe in God and have a friendship with Him, you are so strong that you have confidently to withstand the unjust verbal attacks and physical attacks. The next chapter I will explain how you get along with your teacher by tomorrow or Monday. Have a good long weekend. 

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