Monday, September 8, 2014

Chapter Four: How Can You Get Along With Your Teacher?

Today is the chapter four that I wrote about how you can get along with your teacher. It is not easy, but here is the good advise for each of you student. Follow the good tip below:

You can't stand your unfair teacher. Is that because of she favored other student than you? No surprise that you are not alone. In 1981, the 160, 000 students in America blamed their teachers because of...favoritism!

You are upset when you get low grade for what you feel is high-grade work. You resent it when discipline seems not fair. You get so mad at the teacher's pet.

Granted you, your teacher is far from accurate. She has a strange occurrence, problem, and yes, she discriminates you. But do not hurry yourself in your spirit to become offended.

If your teacher does not stumble in what she teaches you, then she is a teacher with perfect teaching skill. So do you doubt if she not that way?

You notice your teacher snaps at you and your classmates. Will you tactfully approach her and cause her the unfriendly way? One teacher explained: "It's just that I had a problem with my car this morning. It overheated on the way to school and I got to work late."

Your teacher faces unique demands and pressures, you know that. But if you act like you don't know, then reread the quote of the book Being Adolescent. It describes your teacher as facing a "serious predicament." Do you know what word "predicament" means? It means "difficult or unpleasant situation". She must try to hold attention of you and your classmates because of minds are wandering. She have before you and your classmates of highly moody, distractible...generally not pay attention to anything for more than 15 minutes.

If your teacher is not nice to you and you sow her cruelty, don't be surprised if you reap a mean, hostile teacher. Remember the golden rule: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law... You refuse to join in the classroom pranks. You are attentive to what your teacher says. You are cooperative. These are what you does to your teacher is lawfully. Then maybe she will feel a little less hostile toward you.

However, if your teacher does not like you, she may be inclined to embarrass or humiliate you and the common hostility may flourish. Try not to return evil for your teacher and make her to stay angry at you. You are not necessary to confront her. Don't complain at your teacher. In fact, try to be friendly. Why do you have to be friendly at her? You ask yourself. The reason is the manner is customarily showing respect to your teacher and politely to say 'hello' when you come to classroom. Also, a smile will affects her mood to change her opinion of you. :) True, you cannot always smile, but remain calm and come to the classroom for learning. You can fix a problem of that situation.

About a better grade that you think is deserved. That is a common complaint. Try humbly talk calmly to your teacher and tell her what the problem is. Maybe you can start to ask your teacher for helping you to understand her grading system. Then try to prove yourself the victim of error rather than of bad judgment. And show her where you see is not your grade. But if your grade is not changed, then you have to show maturity toward your teacher. With positive and impress her. 

Let your parents know your situation. Then when an open house is dated, your parents will be there for explaining to your teacher about your situation. The next chapter will tell you how to find a job and keep it.

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