Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chapter Five: How to Find a Job and Keep It?

Today is the chapter five that I wrote about how you can find a job and keep it. Here are some good tips below:

While you are in school, perhaps you are interested in after school job rather than participating the academic sports as an athletic team to help out with personal or household expenses. Unfortunately, in during the bad economics though, limited and demanded for unskilled workers have made jobs hard to find by the job seekers. But, how can you find a job and keep it? Read the next black subheading below:

How can you never give up your search for a job?

Do not go out on 2 or 3 interviews, then go home and sit and wait. You will never get called for a job that way.

Looking for a job is a job to do. You would spend 8 hours a day each weekday for 7 months looking for a job. You would start early each morning and 'work' till 4:00pm. Many nights your feet would be sore. The next morning you would have to 'psych yourself up' to start looking again.

Where can you find a job?

If you live in a rural area, you can start to search in local farms and orchards, or you can look for some type of yard work.

If you live in a large town or city, try looking in the newspaper help-wanted ads. Or, today is the technology. Many job seekers use online for searching for a job like Monster and CareerBuilder. 

How to Keep Your Job?

A worker who is always doing a good job and that show his boss is appreciated. Will you do the same way?

You have your own skills that always serve to your king. You never will want to work for people who are not a worker. These lazy people must get up and go to work for themselves.

What are some skills and qualities that the employers appreciate in their workers?

1) A worker who is willing to listen more than to speak.

2) A worker who let people finish talk to him before he try to answer them.

3) The jobs must have good communication skills.

4) A worker who mind his own business. He does not involve the gossip about his workmates.

5) A worker avoids a bad reputation.

6) A worker does not steal the money and things from his employer. Also, he does not take advantage of his employer for leaving the work early.

Ephesians explains about the stealer must stops stealing and starts to work.

Matthew warn about the future will be happened to the issue of politic that causes the bad economic. Such like the wars and food shortage. This possible will lose your job.

However, if you have faith, you will not be worried about 'where will I live? What will I eat? And what will I wear?'

The next chapter I will explain about what career you decide to choose. I will post it on Thursday. 

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