Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chapter Six: Which Career Do You Decide to Choose?

Today is the last chapter, the chapter six that I wrote about what career you want to choose. Here is your choice, not people have chosen for you.

Me in early 2012

What are you doing in your life? Are you in high school? Or, are you working? If you are in high school right now, sooner or later you will decide to choose which career you want. No one have right to choose which career they want for you. However, your parents, you have no choice but to obey them as long as you are living in their home. Hmm, if your parents can apply the scripture Isaiah 8:17, 20 and, U.S. Constitutional First and Twenty-Sixth Amendments, then yes, they allow you to be in freedom. So yes, you can decide to choose which career you want. Rather you want to to be a doctor, a businessman, an artist, a musician, a teacher, a scientist, or firefighter.Then choose which career you want for only yourself, do not let people choose which career they want for you.

I want to tell you a little about my career background information: I have a dreaming career. I wanted to be an artist. Unfortunately, I have directed to Culinary Training Institute, Inc. because of my old school told me that Art is difficult for me to find or accept me as an artist. So they offered me to choose Culinary Training Institute, Inc. for a better paid job. I accepted it and decided to go to that trade school. Thus, this must be concerning with you. Your loved ones want what best for you. Choosing a career you want and your family don't accept is a freedom problem. And that frustrates you. However, try to know that your family love you so much and will miss you when you are gone to college or university. But, your family can Skype you as they don't have to miss you are on a new life. What is the problem with a new life? You are an adult. And so you are no more being a child. Reflecting to treat you as a child is not so cool and can stop the generation which is an unlikable way. 

If you choose to become a doctor, you love people and want to take care of their sickness. That is a good example of what Jesus did to the people. He healed their sickness during the Sabbath day. -John 9:1-34

Or, any career is up to you. Smile. Respect your choice is important to relief your pressure from people who disagree with your choice. 

Okay, the end of chapter, but the more you learn, the more you will get knowledge. Like old people are never stop learning the new thing. I like that, because learning is an interest. I like to continue to learn something new and want to get the new experience. You too can interest in learning the new thing. And that is the praiseworthy.

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